Tyre (Sour)

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Solo Trip Guide to Tyre (Sour) in Lebanon

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Lebanon is a mix of religions and cultures and different parts of the country have different ethnic concentrations. I made a day trip to Tyre (Sour in Arabic) and immediately it is evident you’re heading to a more Shia Muslim area with increased military presence but I didn’t feel threatened at all at any point. Even when I got stopped (once), I was treated with respect.

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The lighthouse of Tyre

Tyre is an hour and a half’s drive from Beirut and easily accessible. It has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, shallow with clear warm waters and gorgeous sand, the whole stretch is long and amazing. On the way, there’s plenty of farms loaded with beautiful mouth-watering dates and other fruits.

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I parked the car near the souks and headed to the old souk area which has been beautifully turned into a colourful neighbourhood. It is quite small though but the best place to eat (Check the stories). A little walk around will reveal cute houses, small shops and small courtyards.

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The old town

At the end of the town, there is the lighthouse of Tyre with a small beach, a perfect spot for a drink. The lighthouse is famous and the area around it is full of places to eat and drink. The beaches nearby Jamal Beach and Mbarke beach are both gorgeous but not properly developed.

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Mbarke Beach

The souks are nearby where I tried small rolls which were absolutely delicious and then headed to the Roman Ruins. From the old gate to the main street of the ancient street, the gate perhaps is the biggest attraction and you can easily see most of it in an hour.

Roman Ruins

It was time to head to the beach; Al Khiyam Beach was the best area because there were few people and it being the end of the season. The water was warm, clear and the beach super amazing. The weirdest part is that you can see the mountains of Haifa (Israel) from here which is just sad these countries are so close and yet so far apart.

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The beach of Tyre

A beautiful day ended after the sunset and I headed back to the Beirut with some happy memories and glad I didn’t skip the visit to this beautiful city.

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My fun moment in the Roman Ruins

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