Top Things To Do In Mykonos

by Ucman Scher
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top things to do in Mykonos

Top Things To Do In Mykonos

Mykonos is mainly about three S’s, sun, sea and sand and most of the stuff revolves around them but there’s still plenty to see and do here. These are my favourite and top things to do in Mykonos.

Check Out my Mykonos Travel Guide for all your questions.

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Mykonos Old Town or Chora

Mykonos Town or Chora is a stunner, it is perhaps one of the best kept in Greece along with Santorini but considering this is the only ‘town’ on the island, it is special. The best way to explore Chora is to get lost in its gorgeous narrow streets.

The town is a series of small streets cobbled and whitewashed intertwined and kept absolutely clean. The sharp blue colour for doors and windows and the bright flowers just make you feel like you’re in a fictional place. The narrow streets, the whitewashed houses with small windows and blue and in some cases red doors and windows transport you to another world altogether.

the best time to explore the Old Town is during the day when everyone is at the beaches and the town is relatively empty and great for photos and exploring. Staff at most places isn’t overworked either and are quite chatty and friendly. I spent my last day here on both my trips which was great fun.


There is a central street that goes through Chora with the bus station near Fabrika on one side and the town beach on the other side. It is called Mitropoleos. It is not a straight street though and you still need to navigate your way around narrow streets which is really fun.

The Windmills

The Windmills are located on the other end and these are an essential fixture of all Mykonos pictures. Gorgeous and perfect spot for sunset. There is no ticket to hang around and a lot of young people come for gorgeous photos in the morning or evenings. More about that later in the sunsets section.

Little Venice

Little Venice is a small section of Chora located at the seafront and it is very charming. It is great for a drink with the view of windmills. Again another great spot to lounge in after brunch with a drink.

I really loved the Negrita Bar for a relaxed time. The view was incredible.

Visit the Island of Delos; The birthplace of Apollo & Artemis

Finally, the day comes to visit Delos; the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. It is an amazing place and a must do if you’re visiting Mykonos.

Delos first look

The myth goes something like this.

Zeus being Zeus fell in love with Leto, the daughter of two Titans and after some playing around Leto got pregnant. Now they did have drama like the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in Greek mythology and Hera found out who’s the jealous wife of Zeus. She cursed Leto and her pregnancy that she wouldn’t be able to give birth on any land or island. She roamed around aimlessly heavy with pregnancy until the time was near. She prayed to Zeus for help (after all it was his sh*t as well) and he guided her to Delos which was considered neither land nor island and was created by Poseidon; the god of the sea.

Hera full of vengeance held her daughter Eilythia; the goddess of childbirth and forbade her from visiting Leto who lay there under the palm tree for 9 days in agony writhing from the labour pain and finally her daughter Artemis helped her in giving birth to Apollo. In other accounts, Leto bribed Hera with a 9 ft. long scarf and she finally let Eilythia visit Leto.

So Delos has the honour of being the birthplace of two gods and it had a special place in ancient times for its special status.

Fun Fact: Delos was considered special also because the granite on the island shone extra bright due to the high concentration of silver and made it shine. It is still the case and fun to play with the shimmer on the ground.

Shining granite of Delos

Shining granite of Delos

Getting to Delos

To get to Delos you need to get a tour for €20 without a guide or €50 with a guide. I suggest getting the tour without a guide because the guides on location only charge a tenner for the same service and its a tourist trap. The boat leaves from the Old Port of Mykonos Town every hour till 12 and it takes roughly 20 minutes and you not only get to see Delos you also get some amazing views of Mykonos and its landscape from the sea.

To book your tour online and get more information, check the Delos Tours website.

Tip: Don’t forget to bring at least 2 big water bottles as there is no shade on the island and you cannot buy water here, you will need it, trust me.

It was a hot day

Delos Tour, The Nexian Lions and Delos Archaeological Museum

We arrived finally and I joined a group for the tour with the guide who took us through the island with some history and the details of how the ancient people lived.

The original Nexian Lions inside the museum

The original Nexian Lions inside the museum

It was an interesting tour but like any ancient site you have to use your imagination quite extensively, the pictures in the map also help. The pond where Leto gave birth is dry now but a small wall surrounds the area with some palm trees inside.

Delos Museum

Delos Museum

At the end of the tour, I left to see the famous Nexian Lions of Delos but the status out in open are replicas and the originals are housed in the museum which is a must-visit. It houses most of the artefacts recovered from the ruins with some beautiful mosaics and tapestries.

Around 2:30 pm I left back for Mykonos happy to have finally seen the beautiful island where Apollo & Artemis were born.

Heading back to Mykonos from Delos

Experience a Mykonian Sunset

There’s something very soothing about sunsets and when it comes to sunsets, Mykonian sunsets are legendary. No matter what you do, I highly recommend making some effort to sit after a day at the beach to watch the sunset. You can do it on the beach or from the town. Most beaches on the Western side of the island, as well as the Mykonos Town or Chora, offer great sunsets.

sunset at the Windmills of Mykonos

sunset at the Windmills

Best sunsets in Mykonos are never too far from you and these are my favourite sunsets in Mykonos, some more than others but every sunset in Mykonos is equally stunning.

The Windmills of Little Venice

The Windmills offer a great free spot to watch the sunset. I spent the last evening here both times and there is something really soothing about being here with lots of people around taking pictures. No hassle of service being slow or the worry about the cost of being there, it is beautiful in its most raw form.

I would recommend walking towards the end of the windmills and finding a quiet spot though because of the unlimited number of ‘Instacelebs’ around.

Boni’s Windmill

Just before the sunset

Boni’s windmill is located on top of Mykonos town and another great spot for free sunset view over Mykonos town. While the view from Windmills is pure colour over the ocean, this point allows you to watch the sunset over the whitewashed houses of Mykonos. It is also quite popular so head there in advance and grab a drink with you because there isn’t much around for a shop.

Elysium Sunset Bar

While Elysium sued to be THE place for sunset, a lot of hotels like Rochari have gorgeous poolside areas overlooking the sunsets and it has cooled down a bit. It still is a great place in my opinion to watch a great sunset. The drinks service is slow but not bad. There is even a cabaret show later in the evening but it really isn’t my thing so I didn’t stay.

Sunset from Elysium

Explore the Beaches

With more than 40 beaches on offer, Mykonos lays down so much choice in front of you that it gets a bit confusing. I visited quite a few of them and tried to go to a few beaches during my second visit and one thing, I can, comfortable say; All of these beaches are absolutely stunning and no matter which beach you head to, you won’t be disappointed by the sea, the sand or the sun.

Some of them are more touristy than others and some demand you bring your own towel because they are completely wild. I created a handy guide for this purpose so if you’re looking to visit some beaches, check out my Best Beaches in Mykonos guide.

Explore the Food Scene

It is generally quite hard to find bad food in Mykonos with plenty of great spots to eat. the real art comes to finding a mix of places that offer a varied scene and also don’t break your bank. While you’re here, don’t forget to try seafood and some traditional Greek cuisine. (I just drooled a little thinking of that moussaka I’ve had in Mykonos at Bouboulo.).

Check out my handy guide with restaurant recommendations along with details of which beach clubs are great to explore the Best Food In Mykonos.

Explore the Art Scene

Mykonos has recently emerged as a bit of an art scene with many galleries popping up following the millionaires and billionaires. In Chora, there are quite a few art galleries. I must admit, I just passed by a few rather than actually going in so I won’t be the best judge of which one’s are good but if that’s your thing, you won’t be disappointed in Mykonos.

Explore the Many Churches Dotted Around Mykonos

Mykonos is full os small adorable churches with blue domes whether it is the Chora or around the island. There is a lone church even if you head to Delos on top of a mountain.

In short, you are never far from a beautiful church. The churches here follow the same construction pattern with a small building, whitewashed of course with a small dome and a cross on the top. Most of them have blue domes but I saw a couple with red as well. Inside, they follow the Orthodox Christian tradition of altars with icons and not a lot of fancy stuff happening. It is almost ironic, now that I think about it, how many churches are there on the gay-est of islands in Europe. I think it is Greece reclaiming their ancient identity back?

A church in the Mykonos Town

A church in the Mykonos Town

Party Non-Stop

Mykonos holds many international parties and festivals. Almost every beach has a beach club attached that is blaring non-stop music pretty much throughout the day and night and Mykonos is alive no matter what part of the day it is. There are plenty of bars and clubs and seasonal parties that happen every year. If you are looking for straight parties, despite trying my best I couldn’t find a central source that lists all parties and spots so google is your friend.

For gay folk, I did compile a list of bars and clubs you can head to for parties in Mykonos whether it be Xlsior or a quiet evening with a nice cocktail with friends in Chora, Mykonos offers it all. Check my Gay Mykonos guide for more details.

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