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Solo Gay Trip Guide to Kosovo

Kosovo is one of the youngest members of the Balkan block and a beautiful country with really friendly people. It is landlocked so no beaches here but the natural beauty is enough to make up for any beaches. The country is still a bit unstable near its border with Serbia but the rest of the places are peaceful and safe. I visited Kosovo with Albania for 9 days and it is one of the most memorable trips of my life. Here is the account of my solo trip to Kosovo.

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I visited Prizren and Prishtina for 5 days and then headed to Albania with some fond memories…

A monastery

Is Kosovo Expensive?

Kosovo is ridiculously cheap. The value for money is very high and you can get a very comfortable stay without breaking your bank. It is in fact so cheap Albania seems expensive in comparison.

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What Is Public Transport Like In Kosovo?

Public transport between cities is pretty okay but you must check timetables beforehand. The buses are not of the best standard. Inside the cities, I didn’t use public transport since the cities are quite small and it is very easy to walk around. Taxis are also very cheap.

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Is Kosovo Safe?

Kosovo is generally accessible and safe unless you get nearer the Serbian border. It is not a war zone but you should be careful there. The rest of the country is very safe for solo travellers including women. (I read some female solo traveller blogs when I was planning my solo trip to Kosovo and they all had good things to say as well).

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How Is Food In Kosovo?

Food is one slightly disappointing area. The local style food isn’t delicious exactly but there’s plenty of BBQ’s meat around which makes up for the lack of taste.

Should I Carry Cash Or Cards In Kosovo?

Kosovo uses the Euro as its currency and cards are accepted to a limited extent. It is advisable to use and keep cash, especially when going out of the cities.

Is It Safe To Drink Tap Water In Kosovo?

Tap water is drinkable and you can ask restaurants and cafes to refill your bottles.

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How To Get Past ID Checks In Kosovo?

There are no checks generally and I only kept my passport in the accommodation on my solo trip to Kosovo.

Where To Arrive In Kosovo?

The only airport in the country is in the capital Pristina. It is quite cheap to take a taxi from the airport to the city. There’s also bus service for this journey.

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Which Sim Card To Buy in Kosovo? Is Internet Good In Kosovo?

I got a local sim card for my solo trip to Kosovo. Internet and phone connection is generally good and WIFI is also easily accessible.

Are People Of Kosovo Friendly?

People are very warm, sweet and friendly. My Airbnb host dropped me all the way to Prishtina at no extra cost and offered me to join them for paragliding (sadly the winds were not favourable). I was thoroughly impressed by the hospitality of the locals on my solo trip to Kosovo.

Which Languages Are Spoken In Kosovo?

The official language is Albanian but English is widely spoken. I struggled a bit with the older generation but a lot of the younger generation is fluent and it is easy to converse.

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Is Kosovo Racist?

Kosovars are very friendly and not racist. I got a very warm reception everywhere. Not Racist!

Is Kosovo Safe For LGBT Travellers?

Homosexuality is legal in Kosovo but it is a taboo topic for most of them. I met 2 guys from Grindr (full of faceless and catfish profiles), one guy was very friendly and open the other one was quite weird. It was a mixed experience.

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