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Solo gay travel wroclaw

Solo Gay Travel Wroclaw

Wroclaw isn’t really Wroclaw, for me and you, it is Wroklaw but it is actually pronounced Wrotswuaw. This is because c is pronounced ’ts’ in Polish and the L is actually ł which is ‘wu’ in Polish so the pronunciation becomes Wro-ts-wu-aw or Wrotswuaw.

This gorgeous city is the city of dwarves, beautiful architecture and bridges. It is considered the most beautiful city in Poland but frankly, I liked Gdańsk a lot more for some reason. That doesn’t mean it is any less beautiful. It has a lot to offer whether you like food, hipster stuff, beautiful parks, grand Cathedrals and the most important; a gorgeous old market square which happens to be the second-largest in Poland after Kraków.

Wroclaw Travel Vlog

Getting to Wroclaw

Wroclaw has its own international airport which is well connected to many locations in Europe. 

I arrived in Wroclaw by train from Poznan and left for Kraków from the main train station. It is a little outside the old town but there’s plenty of trams and buses which you can catch to your destination. In order to get train tickets, you can use the Polish Rail website or Intercity. (The English version for Intercity is very flakey, use Polish version it is quite easy too).

Central station of Wroclaw

The central station of Wroclaw

Public Transport in Wroclaw

Wroclaw has very good public transport system especially around the old city and tourist areas. The buses and trams both cover extensive areas. The buses are all new whereas some trams are old and some modern. You can purchase the ticket in the buses and trams by card.

The best apps for public transport directions are:

Jakdojade – It is only in Polish though but works for multiple cities.

Google Maps – Very good detail and live times are also available.

Next Bike – This is the app to get public cycles, the first 20 minutes are free and you will be charged after that.

Bolt – Taxi and e scooter app, works very well.

Cathedral island

Food in Wroclaw

Wroclaw is quite metropolitan and has a lot of tourists, it also has an evolved food scene with tons of international choices, in fact, I found a lot more international restaurants than Polish good here (apart from the touristy ‘Polish’ restaurants in old market square).

Check out my complete Nightlife and Food Guide for Wroclaw for recommendation about restaurants and areas for hidden gems.

Note: Most restaurants everywhere close by 10pm and in the Old Town, you cannot buy any alcohol after 10pm.

Food in Wroclaw

best Polish Food in Wroclaw

Is Wroclaw Gay Friendly? Gay Wroclaw

Wroclaw is a big and metropolitan city with lots of tourists so I expected things to be better but despite a lot of modernity, gay venues are very limited. I visited during the COVID times so didn’t go to any spots other than the first spot. You can find an updated list here.

I found the following gay places in Wroclaw:

Coffee Planet – The best spot in the town is located right in the Old Market Square, this cafe during the day, bar in the evening. I loved sitting and watching the sky turning dark in the evening here. The drinks are also great.

Coffee Planet

Cactus Club – This is your run-of-the-mill gay cruising club. Not very popular with locals.

HAH Wroclaw – This is a chain of clubs in different cities in Poland. Apparently, they play trashy music and it can be fun depending on the music.

Transformator – This club has recently started Rainbow Wednesdays, which is a gay night on Wednesdays (as if that needed more explanation).

Grindr is the most popular app here with plenty of people on it. Most of the people do not have their faces and a lot of profiles were clearly fake, for some reason, there is a lot of catfishing going on in Wroclaw. I visited during the week and didn’t see a lot of drugs on Grindr, that may change over the weekend. The overall experience in Wroclaw was below average.

If you are ‘visibly LGBT’, you should be careful about gay travel to Wroclaw, especially in the evenings. The old town is quite safe but homophobia can be a real issue out of touristy areas.

A sunset in Wroclaw

Is Wroclaw Expensive?

Compared to the rest of the Polish cities, Wroclaw is a little expensive but generally, it is still quite cheap compared to typical European standards. It still offers great value for money. You can check more figures here about cost comparison.

Is Wroclaw Safe?

Wroclaw is generally a very safe city and the crime rate is low. You can check more details nd figures on Numbeo here.

Wroclaw in July

I visited Wroclaw towards the end of July. It was quite hot with one day reaching 32 degrees. It was great for exploring but most spots do not have fans or air conditioning which caused some discomfort. Summer is the best time to visit Wroclaw.

Must Bring

Sunglasses, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, umbrella,  summer jacket.

Top Things To Do In Wroclaw

  • Free Walking Tour
  • Old Town
  • Wroclaw University
  • Dwarf Hunting
  • Cathedral Island
  • 5 islands
  • Japanese Garden
  • District Of 4 Dominions

Check out more details and how to explore these place with my Top Things To Do In Wroclaw Guide.

With so much to offer, it is no wonder Wroclaw has been the European Culture Capital. From its beautiful architecture, arts and gorgeous views, it is definitely worth a visit. I have met no one so far who said they didn’t like the city and I don’t think I will either.

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