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Old Market Square Poznan

Solo Gay Travel Poznan

Poznan is the city of goats, potatoes, croissants, modernist architecture and liberalism in Poland. It is a beautiful city and perhaps the most tolerant city of Poland when it comes to gay travel. It offers a lot to visitors from its many green spaces to the old market square and Art Neauvou architecture.

Perhaps because it is so tolerant, Poznan has the most LGBT friendly venues of any city even more than the capital Warsaw.

Check out my Food and Nightlife Guide as well as Top Things to Do in Poznan. See my solo gay travel to Poland guide for all your answers.

Poznan Travel Vlog


Old Town, New Town and City Centre

Like most Polish cities, Poznan has an old town a new town and a modern part of the city. Poznan initially started on the place now called Cathedral Island. With time the city grew and it was moved to the part which is the Old Market Square and a fortification was built around it. City walls were later discarded to make space for modern structures and square like Freedom Square. 

For simplicity, I will refer to Old Market Square and Cathedral island as Old Town.

Getting to Poznan

Poznan has its own international airport which is quite well connected. I arrived here by train from Gdańsk and left from Poznan to Wroclaw on the train as well. There are multiple trains that run in both directions daily and you can find the schedule on Intercity. (The English version of the website is flakey, use the polish one, it is easy to find schedules). 

The main train station is a little outside the city centre but it is easy to walk to Old Town or you can take a tram.

Train station of Poznan

The central station of Poznan

Public Transport In Poznan

Public Transport in Poznan is pretty good. You can use the below two apps to check bus and tram schedules.

Jakdojade app is a local app in Polish but works well for Poznan. Google Maps was also very helpful with public transport when I took the tram from Srodka district to Old Town. It is quite easy to walk around in the city with most places an easy walk away. 

Poznan also has a city bike hire program and the first 20 minutes of each ride are free. You can check on Next Bike App.

E scooters and taxis are also quite easily available. I used Bolt App for both.

Food and Drinks in Poznan

Poznan is located within the potato growing region of Poland and Poznanians are lovingly called the Potatoes of Poland. They even have a word for it ‘Pyra’ which is local only. When in Poznan potatoes are a must-try.

Check out my complete Nightlife and Food Guide in Poznan for more information and recommendations.

Poznan in July

Poznan, like most Polish cities, is great to explore in summer. I visited in July, the weather was great, a bit too hot for my liking during the midday but great otherwise. It rained one of three days which made things perfect.

How Many Days for Poznan?

I visited for an entire weekend which was quite a comfortable amount of time to explore. You need at least a couple of days to explore around.

Poznan Castle viewWhere to Stay in Poznan

The area around the Old Town Market Square is the best place to stay. It is quite easy to go from here in every direction. I booked an apartment via Airbnb which was very close to the square in a quiet street. There’s also plenty of food and drinking options around and I didn’t have to die a lot of public transport. There is no gay area of gaybourhood in Poznan.

Gay Poznan/ Is Poznan Gay Friendly?/ Poznan Gay Travel

Poznan is perhaps the most liberal city in Poland. Now it doesn’t make it safe for gay travel but it certainly prides itself as a tolerant, friendly and open city. It has more LGBT venues than any other city in the country as I mentioned before. 

Now, I visited at the time of Coronavirus so bars and clubs weren’t very high on my priority list. Here’s a list of the places advised by locals.

Lokum Stonewall Bar– The best LGBT spot in the city, they offer food as well as good cocktails and most of the fashionable crowd hangs out here.

Pokusa Bar/Club – Another gay bar/ club in the city centre. Quite an old-style establishment but I couldn’t find much about it.

HAH Club – Your typical night club with a dark room. Everyone on Grindr seemed to be headed there on the weekend.

Solo Gay Travel Poznan

The gay side of Poznan

Grindr is the most used app in Poznan and there are quite a few guys on it as well, most of them without faces (pretty common for Poland). I met two guys during my visit. Pawel is a travel guide and showed me around with his amazing trove of facts and knowledge about the city. 

Maciej was more fun and we had a great time exploring around (don’t think him taking a million photos of me was as much fun for him but he was very sweet about it). Thank you both for your hospitality.


I found guys in Poznan to be quite coy and weird (personal opinion only) and with quite a few HnH (High guys), I didn’t get a very good vibe, perhaps it is Poznan trying to cultivate a normal Western European vibe. It was a pretty meh experience gay population-wise.

Must Bring

Mosquito repellent, sunscreen, sunglasses, jacket, umbrella.

sunset in Poznan

A sunset

Top Things to Do in Poznan

My Top favourites are:

  • Free Walking Tour
  • Billy Goats and the Town Hall
  • Old Town
  • Cathedral Island
  • Citadel Park
  • Imperial Castle
  • Modernist Architecture
  • Poznan Castle Tower
  • Jezyce District

For complete details check my guide for Top Things to Do In Poznan.

Poznan is a fun city break which offers a lot to do and see and with its own unique culture and even language it is a great city to enjoy if you want to get to know Poland more.

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