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Gay Travel Gdansk

Solo Gay Travel Gdansk

Gdansk has a special place for me because of my ex, he was from Gdansk and for the longest time I wanted to come here to spit on the city, turn and never look back. I arrived and fell in love with this beautiful city. From its beautiful streets to the great canal and island, it really is an amazing city. Solo gay travel Gdansk was a great experience.

Gdansk VLOG

Another city I got along with Gdansk is its vanity, it has centuries of wealth and it doesn’t shy away from showing it off and I am in love with that. As a city, it has a glorious past with some painful episodes especially towards the end of WWII when it was almost nearly destroyed to dust by bombings.

Solo Gay Travel Gdansk


Gdansk is a great alternative to Amsterdam at a fraction of the price with the added advantage of Polish Riviera around. If you are visiting Gdansk, I would highly recommend spending a day in Sopot and a half-day trip to the largest castle in the world in Malbork.

A special note of thank you to Kuba for showing me around and taking a million photos of me with so much patience, I was truly blessed with the beautiful company (inside and out). I hope I get to see you again soon.

With Kuba the Great

The Old Town, The Main Town & The Island

Gdansk has some interesting features; it has three city gates and its old town is not even a quarter as beautiful as the main town. Before the city got its fame and glory, the old town was the original settlement but this was replaced by the Main Town as the main part of the city. The island was developed as the smartest storage solution available at the town. It was strictly for storage and for a harbour city like Gdansk, it was world-class at the time.

The island of Gdansk

The island of Gdansk

Let me tell you a secret; nothing really is as old as it looks here, it was entirely rebuilt after WWII like Warsaw, the beautiful facades in long markets to the granaries on the island most of the city was destroyed and resurrected from detailed pictures and blueprints.

Piwna Street

Piwna Street in Main Town

Since I am in the mood to share; the main town of the city has a HUGE secret. Because the city was rebuilt during the soviet time, only the facades were rebuilt based on the original, the buildings behind were typical soviet-style flats, simple and functional. The old town only had a few buildings rebuilt only as a compromise.

Old Town Gdansk

The Old Town of Gdansk

For simplicity, I will combine the old town, main town and island as the Old Town.

Getting to Gdansk

Gdansk has its own international airport with good connections and that makes it’s a perfect city trip for a weekend. I arrived here from Warsaw though using the train. It was a very comfortable ride, there are multiple trains a day from slow to fast service, you can check the detail on Intercity website and but tickets from PolishRail website as well. The main train stations in both cities are very close to the touristy areas. Trains are the best way to travel around Poland.

To buy the tickets for intercity trains in Poland, Intercity is a good website but like most websites in Poland, the English version doesn’t work very well. Even in Polish, it is easy to search for train times and schedules and buy tickets online.

Public Transport in Gdansk

The whole time that I stayed in Gdansk I didn’t use public transport even once. All the touristy area has been pedestrianised and most spots you’d want to see are so close to each other, you don’t need public transport. E scooters are easily available if you want some adventure although you can’t use them in the old town because of the cobbled streets.

There is no metro in Gdansk but trams and buses are available, in order to move around the tristate area (Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia), SKM trains are the best. For taxis, the Bolt app is great and cheap.

Local Trains in Gdansk

To get to Westerplatte, you can use a riverboat or bus both, you can find riverboat service schedule here, be mindful, the tickets office closes at 4pm (which is the reason I couldn’t take it).

Food in Gdansk

Gdansk has some amazing food spots in the city. Apart from Polish food, there are a lot of great seafood places. Food is comparatively more expensive than in other cities of Poland but the quality is great especially for seafood.

Check Out my complete Nightlife and Food in Gdansk Guide for restaurants and other recommendations.

Food Market

Is Gdansk Expensive?

Gdansk is generally expensive compared to the rest of Polish cities but still quite reasonably priced. During the high season in summer, it can get quite expensive but that’s the best time to enjoy this gorgeous city.

Must Bring

Umbrella, Mosquito repellent, Sunscreen, Sunglasses, summer Jacket.

Where to Stay in Gdansk

The Old Town is the best place to stay especially the Main Town area. I managed to get a place on Piwna Street with a view of St Mary’s Cathedral. I can’t explain how beautiful that view was to wake up to.

View from my window

Best Time to Visit Gdansk

I visited in July which was amazing. The weather was perfect to go to the beach as well as enjoying this beautiful city in gorgeous light with long days. It gets really cold here in winter with really short days, not sure how fun will it be outside summer months. Be mindful though, weather can change here at short notice, a jacket at all times is a must.

View from The Tower of St Mary

View from The Tower of St Mary

How Many Days for Gdansk

You can easily explore the city in 2 days with an additional day for Sopot and a day to visit Malbork.

Is Gdansk Safe?

Gdansk is very safe as a travel destination with very low crime rates. The Old Town area is especially quite safe with lots of police presence as well in the evening. I didn’t feel threatened at any point even when I was walking back home later in the night.

Check the crime stats for Gdansk from Numbeo here.

Is Gdansk Expensive?

Compared to the rest of the Polish cities, Gdansk is pricey but even with that fact, it is still a cheap travel destination by European standards. It is especially pricier during high season in summer but despite all this, it is not a destination that will break your bank. I’d class it as a medium expensive city which offers good value for money.

Is Gdansk Gay Friendly? Solo Gay Travel Gdansk

Gdansk used to have a couple of gay bars and clubs in the past but they have been closed now as the city has become more hostile and homophobic. Any public display of affection here is a big no-no. As of now, there are no LGBT specific establishments here of any kinds from bars, clubs to restaurants or hotels. You can check here if there has been a new opening recently.

In terms of apps, Grindr is the most popular one with quite a few guys around. Most of them are either quite young or quite old. Most of them do not have their photos (understandably) but most guys did send photos with their message. They are also really nice and friendly and the couple of guys I met were really nice, they showed me around the city, gave me recommendations for places and told me about their fears of being gay here. There is only one gay bar in Sopot that’s left now called HAH, which most of the out population visits.

View from The Tower of St Mary

View from The Tower of St Mary

I felt really bad for the locals living under such homophobia and things seem to be going in the reverse direction for the LGBT population with the far-right ultra-nationalist, the ultra-conservative government in the country.

If you are ‘visibly’ LGBT, you should be especially careful later in the night when there are lots of loud and rowdy people in the streets, the old town is mainly quite safe though. I would recommend caution while visiting Gdansk as a gay travel destination.

Top Things To Do In Gdansk

My Top favourites are:

  • Free Walking Town
  • The Old Town
  • The Main Town
  • The Island
  • St Mary’s Tower
  • Rybackie Pobrzeze
  • Westerplatte
  • Sopot
  • Malbork

For full details and hidden gems, check out my full guide for Top Things To Do in Gdansk.

Gdansk was one of the most beautiful cities I have visited with so much fun and such diversity of options. I really enjoyed my visit, have you ever been to Gdansk? I’d love to get your take. If you are heading there, feel free to reach out if you have more questions.




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Jamie December 10, 2020 - 11:12 am

Really interesting – I was researching Polish cities as a gay dad, travelling with kids. I think I’ll give this a miss as it looks a little unsafe for our family. The architecture looks beautiful, though – such a shame.

Ucman Scher December 10, 2020 - 3:23 pm

Well Gdansk is definitely my favourite city in Poland but travelling as a gay family, I am not too sure about that either, which is a shame in true sense.


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