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Solo Gay Trip Guide to Reykjavik – the Capital of Iceland

Instead of breaking down by cities, I have decided to lay it down by Days because most cities in Iceland are quite small, Reykjavik is the capital and the biggest city with a compact City centre and most other cities are either small or have nothing noticeable but the views on the way are just spectacular especially when there is a snowstorm. At one point, we could only see the road as a thin line stretching endlessly with everything else covered in pure white snow; simply magical.

Don’t forget to play with ponies on the way and obviously make a few stops to take pictures.


Read my country guide about Iceland to find answers to all your questions for a comfortable trip.

Day 1

Keflavik International Airport –> Reykjavik City Centre

Airport to City centre takes about 45 minutes and there are frequent busses.

Learn how to become a solo traveller.

1st views of Iceland

Frozen Lake and Harbour

You can skate, play football or chill out on the frozen lake like locals or cross it with your heart in your throat like us.

Le geese and le ducks

Reykjavik City Centre

City Centre is small and can be easily seen on foot. There’s a good selection of restaurants, bars and very comfy beautiful cafes.

Fish Market

It was the best discovery and you MUST try the fruit and sorbet dessert and minke whale; absolutely divine!

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Day 2

Reykjavik –> Tourism Office –> Seljalandsfoss (Waterfall) –> Skogafoss (Waterfall) –> Vik Village –> Reynisfjara (Black Beach) –>  Dyrholaeyjarviti (Dyrholaey Beacon & Arch)

Tourism Office

Make sure you get your directions checked by the guys there because it is common for 3 or 4 places to have one name is Iceland.


One of the most famous Waterfalls of Iceland, keep an eye out where you need to get off because it requires a little detour from the main road without a lot of signs.

Want to plan your perfect trip? Read this guide.

First View


Next stop is Skogafoss which is another amazing waterfall. It is one of the biggest in the country and if you are as lucky as us, you will see a full rainbow at the entrance. There is a small cafe for some coffee and toilets at near parking…

Vik I Myrdal

Vik Village. There is a small cafe in Vik village for some food before heading to the beach, the village has a beautiful church as well.


The black beach. It is the only one in the world which is dark black. The beaches of Santorini are dark grey compared to this one. Really beautiful. It is one of the ten most beautiful non-tropical beaches in the world.

If you have time go to Reynisdrangr as well for which you will have to drive back to the main road and head to the beautiful hexagonal sea rocks.

Here is my guide to taking perfect pictures when you are solo travelling.

Black beach Reynisfjara


The drive to Dyrholaey from Reynisfjara is quite dangerous and you will have to be very careful of the steep climb upward. After parking your car you will be able to walk to the famous Beacon of Dyrholaey called Dyrholaeyjarviti and the world-famous Dyrholaey Arch with the hole. The observation deck is one of its kind because you will be able to see the sea, a beach, a frozen lake, grassland, islands and mountains in one glance, it is one of those places you can sit and stare at for hours…

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Day 3

Reykjavik Harbour –> Hallgrimskirkja Cathedral  -> Blue Lagoon

Reykjavik Harbour

Reykavik Harbour is a little dull and we visited to see if we could join the whale watching tour but we were late but the harbour area generally is quite bland.

Reykjavik City Centre

A walk from harbour to Hallgrimskirkja will reveal some amazing and beautiful houses and will roughly take 20 minutes. Do try the Icelandic bakeries for their amazing treats. Highly Recommended!

Learn about all the ways you can use to explore a new city.

Colourful Houses in City Centre

Hallgrimskirkja Cathedral

Hallgrimskirkja is the main cathedral of Reykjavik and the perfect example of Scandinavian architecture, simple, functional and very elegant. Church entry is free.

Hallgrimskirkja Cathedral

Church Tower

You need to buy a ticket and take a lift and then some stairs to see Reykjavik from the top. The view from the top is like a candy cake with lots of cream and bits of colourful fruit.

Reykjavik from top

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagooooooooooon is the ultimate destination in Iceland. Make sure to buy your tickets and book your underwater massage beforehand to avoid disappointment. You can easily spend the whole afternoon and evening there like we did. It closes after 8:30 and the surrounding views will blow your mind away. Underwater massage is extremely relaxing and soothing.

Don’t forget to buy the beauty treatment sets, they are just amazing for skin.


Day 4

Golden Circle

Golden Circle refers to the 300 km circle that has the most popular tourist destinations in Iceland and we did this on the last day.

Reykjavik –>  Thingvillir National Park –> Geysir –> Gullfoss –> Airport

Thingvillir National Park

The park is frozen in winter and there isn’t much to see other than the ponies you can pet and the overall beautiful scenery.


Geysir is next on the list and it is quite easy to get to it. Make sure you do not go too close to any water in the area as it could be very hot and the nearest hospital si miles away. Also wear good grip shoes because ice is extra slippery here because of water and the earth temperature.

Do not forget to try the lamb soup and fish and chips from the Geysir Shop; it will make your day.

Want to learn how to take perfect photos while travelling solo? Read this guide.


Gullfoss is a collection of massive waterfalls falling in 2 levels. It is one river but the flow turns into a few waterfalls. The views from top to bottom are extremely beautiful but this area is extra cold not only because it is up north but also because of humidity so grab an extra layer.

Keflavik Airport

The airport is small and cosy but modern and you will get plenty of things including fox furs to Blue Lagoon beauty treatment options. Also recommended is the dried fish in the shop.

Read more tips and tools you can use during travelling.

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