Pakistan Itinerary

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Pakistan itinerary

Pakistan Itinerary

Pakistan might not look like it on the map but it is a huge country with vast distances between touristy places. For reference the seemingly distance between Islamabad and Gilgit in North takes an 16-20 hours drive. You cannot come here and leave without spending a bit of time. It will be unfair to touch and go for sure. With such diversity from the North to south Pakistan itinerary can be as varied as you want.

I have created a few option below which you can use to mould the Pakistan itinerary based on your needs.

Check my Pakistan Country Guide to come fully prepared for a  perfect trip. For more official details check the official Pakistan tourism website.

How Many Day For Pakistan?

You will need a minimum of 8-10 days to get a sense of places but if you want to explore the country well, I would recommend 2-3 weeks. The north of Pakistan especially requires at least 5-7 days at the very minimum due to long distances. I would also highly recommend keeping a little bit of buffer time like a day or 2 in case your flights do not operate in the north. A few of those are subject to weather conditions.

a day in Taxila


When to Visit Pakistan?

Pakistan is quite diverse and you get all 4 weathers properly throughout the country. The best time to visit the north of the country is June-August which are summer months. Ironically these are also the worst months to visit most of the rest of the country with intense heat and later  monsoon humidity. To avoid the heat try April instead which is relatively better for the rest of country and the north is also opening up. May is also not too bad but it gets hot during May.

khunjerab day tripIf you are, however looking to visit the north properly like Shandur Valley (for polo matches like Prince Charles) and some other spots like base camps of mountains like K2, you should stick to the June – August window.

Where To Arrive In Pakistan To Save Time?

If you plan to head to the North of Pakistan for the sprawling mountain scenery and vast valleys, you should arrive at Islamabad airport. If you wish to also see Lahore, you can start the trip from there and travel up north. The distance between Lahore and Islamabad is easily covered with a 4-5 hours bus ride.

I would recommend arriving at Karachi only if you wish to explore Karachi and interior Sindh, otherwise it is quite a long way to get to the north of the country.

10 Days Itinerary for Northern Pakistan

Northern Pakistan is really stunning, the landscapes are just amazing and breathtaking. It is a place where three of the mightiest mountain ranges rule. I am talking about Karakoram, Hindu Kush and Himalayas. It also means the places are not accessible and you need to wait for the right weather to access these places which is summer. If you are only interested in visiting northern Pakistan, follow this itinerary.

Day 1 – Islamabad to Skardu

Day 2 – Skardu (Kachora,  Sadpara & Katpana)

Day 3 – Shigar

Day 4 -Skardu to Hunza

Day 5 – Hunza

Day 7 – Day Trip to Khunjerab Pass

Day 8 – Hunza to Gilgit

Day 9 – Day Trip to Rakaposhi mountain or Fairy Meadows

Day 10 – Fairy Meadows to Gilgit & Islamabad and Return

10 Days Itinerary for Pakistan

10 days in the bare minimum you need to spend in Pakistan to get some idea of the vast landscape in the entire country. It will be quite fast because the areas in the north of Pakistan are more difficult to access. You will need to take flights (which aren’t very expensive) because some distances are huge like Islamabad to Gilgit is a 16-20 hours long drive which can be covered in a 40 minutes flight with stunning views).


Day 1 – Lahore

Day 2 – Lahore to Islamabad Day Trip (Hiran Minar, Swaik Lake, Katas Raj Temples)

Day 3 – Islamabad

Day 4 – Islamabad to Gilgit & Hunza

Day 5 – Hunza

Day 7 – Day Trip to Khunjerab Pass

Day 8 – Hunza to Gilgit

Day 9 – Day Trip to Fairy Meadows or Rakaposhi mountain

Day 10 – Return to Islamabad

2 Weeks Itinerary for Pakistan

2 Weeks Pakistan itinerary gives a little more freedom to explore farther and you will have more time to relax and enjoy while you go through the country. I would recommend taking flights internally especially to get to the north and back. Flights aren’t expensive and the view of north from flights are amazing.

Khaplu Palace

The beautiful Khaplu Palace

Day 1 – Lahore

Day 2 – Half day Lahore followed by Lahore to Islamabad transfer

Day 3 – Islamabad

Day 4 – Islamabad to Skardu

Day 5 – Skardu & Shigar

Day 6 – Skardu to Hunza

Kohistan, on the way to Gilgit

Day 7 – Hunza

Day 8 – Day Trip to Khunjerab Pass

Day 9 – Hunza to Gilgit & Half Day Kargah Valley Trip

Day 10 – Day Trip to Fairy Meadows or Rakaposhi mountain

Day 11 – Gilgit & Islamabad & Half Day Taxila Trip

Day 12 – Islamabad to Chitral

Day 13 – Kalash Valleys

Day 14 – Chitral to Islamabad and Return

4 Weeks Itinerary for Pakistan

Day 1-3 Karachi

Day 4- Day Trip to Makli Necropolis

Day 5 – Karachi to Lahore

Day 6-8 Lahore

Day 9 – Lahore to Islamabad

Day 10 – Islamabad

Day 11 – Islamabad to Skardu

Day 12-14 – Skardu & Shigar

Day 15 – Skardu to Hunza

Day 16-17 Hunza

Day 18 – Day Trip to Khunjerab Pass

Day 19 – Hunza to Gilgit & Half Day Trip to Kargah

Day 20-21 Fairy Meadows

Day 23 – Gilgit to Islamabad & Taxila Half Day Trip

Day 24 – Islamabad to Chitral

Day 25-26 – Kalash valleys

Day 27 – Chitral

Day 28 – Chitral to Peshawar

Day 29 – Peshawar

Day 30 – Peshawar to Islamabad & Return


Further Places to Explore In Pakistan/ Optional Add Ons for Pakistan Itinerary

If you have more time to spend you can use it to explore the places below based on the region.

Central Pakistan

Multan – A historical city in the central Pakistan. It is famous for its beautiful pottery, ceramic tiles, mangoes and dates.

Be respectful!

North & North West

Swat Valley – A beautiful valley famous for its emeralds and stunning views. The valleys also has some old Buddha statues.

Naran/Kaghan Valleys & Lake Saif ul Muluk – Two beautiful valleys in the northern areas. The lake Saif ul Muluk is the most famous lake in the entire country.

Deosai – A beautiful National Park near Skardu. This alpine plane with stunning lakes is a stunner but it is only accessible during summer peak.

shigarKhaplu – Close to the Tibetan border, Khaplu has a unique culture and offers stunning alpine views.

Shindur – Shindur is also called the roof of the world. It hosts the highest polo ground in the world and attracts guests like Prince Charles.

South West

Quetta – The capital of Baluchistan and a beautiful city with unique culture and food.

Ziarat – Another beautiful city in Baluchistan with stunning landscapes.

Cave City Tumrani Goth Lasbela – A cave city surrounded by rigged mountains, the place is great for a passing visit.

Hingol National Park – The largest national park in Pakistan at the coast. It is famous for its rugged mountains and mud volcanoes. The entire park is amazing and changes with day light.

Gwadar – The port city with beautiful rugged beaches.

South East

Peshawar Gay Travel

Mahabat Khan Mosque, Peshawar

Mohenjo-daro – A prime example of ancient Indus civilisations, the city is the twin of Persepolis in Iran.

Rani-Kot Fort – the largest fort int he world by area spread over 30km. It is a unique example of ancient Sindhi forts and architecture.

Makli Necropolis – One of the largest necropolis spread over a 10km famous for its unique graves and shrine architecture.

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