Nightlife & Food in Wroclaw

by Ucman Scher
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Nightlife & Food in Wroclaw

Wroclaw is quite metropolitan and has a lot of tourists, it also has an evolved food scene with tons of international choices, in fact, I found a lot more international restaurants than Polish good here (apart from the touristy ‘Polish’ restaurants in old market square).

Check out my  Gay Travel Guide for Wroclaw and Top Things to do in Wroclaw for more details.

Wroclaw Travel VLOG With Food

Restaurants and Food Spots in Wroclaw

Wroclaw has a lot of great spots for food including new areas that have sprung up. My favourite spot was the district of Four Dominaians which is not too far from the Old Market Square and offers not only great food from a variety of cuisines but also great nightlife with fun bars including the neon Gallery courtyard. Here are my favourite spots for food in Wroclaw.

Nasza Paczkarnia

A small take away doughnut shop with fresh doughnuts in a variety of flavours, fresh and fun. They only make one batch and when the doughnuts are gone, they make fresh ones. I loved it.

Fresh doughnuts are yum

Charlotte Bistro

A beautiful French bistro for great relaxed breakfast located in an equally beautiful courtyard in the District of Four Dominians. Loved the Orange French toast! I especially loved their brunch and went again to their Krakow branch. It is on the pricey side of things but totally worth it.

Brunch is life!

Nieinna Piekarnia i Wino

A restaurant located in the medieval prison courtyard very close to the city centre. The courtyard is old-style but a great spot for a relaxed breakfast away from the bustle of the old town. The breakfast was very good and fresh.

Medieval breakfast


Quirky but great food and located close to Old Market Square. Loved the beef cheeks burger!

Ox cheek burger


A pizza place right in the Old Town Square, it didn’t have the best pizzas (soggy bottoms, unfortunately) but it was still pretty good.


The best place in the town for Polish and especially food from Wroclaw. Baked duck legs were my favourite.

Food in Wroclaw

best Polish Food in Wroclaw


Great Ice cream next to Old Market Square.

Best Drinking Spots in Wroclaw

Like food in Wroclaw, drinking in Wroclaw is also quite fun and diverse.

A bar in District of Four Dominians


This rooftop bar is located on the top of Slowdowa building and turns into a night club later on but the best part is the river view as well as the view of the islands around. Good cocktails as well as a great green living wall. I loved this place.

How much more glamour can you expect from a bar?


This artistic cafe is very popular with locals but the issue I found was smoking indoors, Outdoors is great for a drink.

FC Caffe

A perfect cafe for digital nomads, great drinks and selection of cakes. Very stylish place.

Note: Most restaurants everywhere close by 10pm and in the Old Town, you cannot buy any alcohol after 10pm.

Gay Nightlife in Wroclaw

Wroclaw is a big and metropolitan city with lots of tourists so I expected things to be better but despite a lot of modernity, gay venues are very limited. I visited during the COVID times so didn’t go to any spots other than the first spot. You can find an updated list here. Due to COVID, a big shuffle has happened along with the further right wing push in Poland but I am hopeful things will improve for our polish LGBTQ siblings.

Coffee Planet

The best spot in the town is located right in the Old Market Square, this cafe during the day, bar in the evening. I loved sitting and watching the sky turning dark in the evening here. The drinks are also great.

Coffee Planet

Cactus Club

This is your run-of-the-mill gay club. Not very popular with locals but it has been recently renovated and it has great music as well.

HAH Wroclaw

This is a chain of clubs in different cities in Poland. Apparently, they play trashy music and it can be fun depending on the music. The club is also present in Sopot and Poznan.


This club has recently started Rainbow Wednesdays, which is a gay night on Wednesdays (as if that needed more explanation).

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