Nightlife & Food in Poznan

by Ucman Scher
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Food in Poznan

Nightlife & Food in Poznan

While Poznan isn’t a mecca for foodies, it has some delicious food that is very specific to this region. Poznan is located within the potato growing region of Poland and Poznanians are lovingly called the Potatoes of Poland. They even have a word for it ‘Pyra’ which is local only. When in Poznan potatoes are a must-try. A couple of things that I’d highly recommend no matter who you are when you visit Poznan.

Check out my complete Poznan Gay Travel Guide and Poland Gay Travel country guide for all your questions.

Poznan Travel Vlog


St Martin’s Croissants

These are nothing like French Croissants but are very delish. These croissants are a speciality of Poznan and can only be made here and the bakers selling in the city or elsewhere need a license which is displayed outside the shop. There is even a museum dedicated to these delicious pockets of happiness. Basically, they are filled with nuts and raisins and despite being an avid eater, it took some help to finish one croissant, they are heavy, to say the least.

St Martin's Croissant

St Martin’s Croissant

Pyry z gzikiem

This is a very simple dish with boiled potatoes with cottage cheese which has chives etc. It is very simple and yet very scrumptious. In summer instead of jacket potatoes, they use baby potatoes which are even yummier.

Potatoes with Cottage cheese

Restaurants and Food in Poznan

Some of my favourites are:

Pyra Bar

It is a chain of small restaurants that focus on potatoes. It is quite economical and the food is great. Jacket potatoes with cottage cream and chives and potatoes stews are both highly recommended.


A great place for breakfast with quite a few great options. Savoury waffles were my favourite. They also have a good variety of teas. It is located right next to the Old Market Square.

Jagla breakfast


The best duck I have had in Poznan, very delicious! It is located in the Srodka Island after roaming around on the cathedral island in Sorodka district.

Klub Poludnie

A funky restaurant with a new menu every day. The food was great and the vibe very relaxed. It is located in the Jazyce district which is the hipster neighbourhood of Poznan.

Umami Sushi

After so many days of Pierogies my system needed a break and this was a great place for it. Great fresh sushi!

Umami Sushi Poznan

Umami Sushi Poznan

Hanna Piskorska

A great place for St Martin Croissants, more about this a bit later. It is located in the Old Market Square.

Lodziarnia Kolorowa

Located on the far side of Liberty Square, it offers the best ice cream in Poznan. Highly recommended by locals.

Lodziarnia Kolorowa

Lodziarnia Kolorowa


It is a summer venue with music, beach atmosphere and street food. Quite popular with young crown and quite busy but great for a drink.



Gay Nightlife in Poznan

Poznan is perhaps the most liberal city in Poland when it comes to LGBT life. Now it doesn’t make it safe for gay travel but it certainly prides itself as a tolerant, friendly and open city. There are more gay places in Poznan than any other city in the country according to my guide. I think Krakow has more but that’s expected since it is the most touristy city in Poland.

Now, I visited at the time of Coronavirus so bars and clubs weren’t very high on my priority list. Here’s a list of the places advised by locals.

Solo Gay Travel Poznan

The gay side of Poznan

Lokum Stonewall Bar

The best LGBT spot in the city, they offer food as well as good cocktails and most of the fashionable crowd hangs out here.

Pokusa Bar/Club

Another gay bar/ club in the city centre. Quite an old-style establishment but I couldn’t find much about it.

HAH Club

Your typical night club with a dark room. Everyone on Grindr seemed to be headed there on the weekend.

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