Nightlife & Food in Krakow

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food in krakow

Nightlife & Food in Krakow

Krakow is quite a touristy city with a lot of options when it comes to eating and drinking and there is no lack of options be it Polish or international food. There are three main spots in the city for food and drinks.

Krakow Travel VLOG With Food

Old Town

The most touristy part of Krakow which has the most restaurants with most of them quite international.


The former Jewish district, it has a huge number of restaurants and bars. It is the favourite spot for locals and very lively in the evenings.

Plac Nowy


Piasek is the up and coming area with the new Tytano which used to be an old tobacco factory. The area also has quite a few street food spots.

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Restaurants, Food & Drinking Spots in Krakow

Gossip Cafe

A great cafe for breakfast with amazing omelettes. They also had a good selection of teas. It is very close to St. Florian’s Gate.

Consonni Santi

A bakery with amazing bread, cakes and good teas, it is a perfect spot for a break between exploring the city.

Milkbar Tomasza

While it is not the traditional milk bar but it is a great place for cheap but amazing breakfast. They also take cards and be careful while ordering, the portions are huge. Quick, cheap and easy is the mantra here.


A French-style bistro which is very popular with the younger crowd. Their French toasts are my favourite and go very well with the omelette.

Zapikanka at Plac Nowy

Palc Nowy is the square in the middle of Kazimierz and a small shop sells Zapiekanka there. It is a half baguette topped with a lot of stuff, it is baguette pizza and very yummy. It is a must-eat.


A great Georgian restaurant with great food in Kazimierz at the banks of Vistula river. Don’t forget to try the Chinkali, which is the Georgian version of Pierogi.

Marchewka z Groszkiem

A Polish restaurant in Kazimierz with great Pierogies. I tried the ones with duck and apple and it was delicious. Another local favourite.

Taj Krakow

A Thai restaurant in the heart of Kazimierz with AMAZING food, I haven’t been to such an amazing Thai place in ages. The drinks were especially great. My favourite restaurant in the city for sure.

Barka & Augusta

These two riverside bars are located on ships with outdoor and riverside seating. (Do bring mosquito repellant though, in summer, the mosquitos here are brutal).

Bonjour Cava

A great cosy cafe located across the hanging bridge with perfect milkshakes. Loved the decor as well.

Choi’s Korean Kitchen

A small laid back Korean place in Piasek area. The spicy fried chicken was perfect before heading to bars nearby.


A small courtyard space on the street with street food trucks and some bars. It is very cosy. It is also located in Piasek area.


This old tobacco factory has been converted to a massive social space with lots of drinking and eating places. It is the best spot in the city to be on the weekend.

Gay Nightlife In Krakow/ Gay Places In Krakow

Krakow has quite a few gay and LGBT establishments. I visited during the Coronavirus times and didn’t want to risk contracting the virus, I mostly stayed away but speaking to the locals here is a snapshot of the establishments in Krakow.

There is no particular gay area or gaybourhood in Krakow but most gay places in Krakow aren’t too far from each other with most of them at a walking distance from Old Town.

Ciemnia Bar

This is a bar/club with dark rooms and karaoke. It is very lively on the weekends.

Na’lefka Lindo Bar

A trendy bar close to the Old Market Square. It is quite trendy but small. I really liked their lighting. The area on the upper floor is tiny but there is more room downstairs, very chic.


The biggest club with quite a few rooms and dance floor and an outdoor area as well. It is located between Kazimierz and Old Town.

Blue XL

A cruising bar in Krakow at the corner of Kazimierz district. I heard mixed reviews but it is definitely more of a cruising spot than a chatty or dance place.


Another cruising bar/club in Krakow.

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