Nightlife & Food in Gdansk

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Food in Gdansk

Nightlife & Food in Gdansk and Sopot

Gdansk and the Tricity area is quite a touristy area with a lot of tourists in summer. The food in Gdansk and nightlife it offers are also great especially Sopot which is considered the Beverley Hills of Poland. While it has no lack of bars and restaurants, cafes and drinking spots, when it comes to gay places in Gdansk, the choices are thin to none.

Gdansk VLOG

Food in Gdansk

Gdansk has some amazing food spots in the city. Apart from Polish food, there are a lot of great seafood places. My favourites restaurants are:


One of the best restaurants in Gdansk and a bit of an institution for Pierogies, no visit to the city is complete without trying this dumpling hotspot. Variety is amazing. They have had the best sour rye soup and goose pierogies.

True Restaurant

This is the perfect restaurants to enjoy a meal on the riverfront in the old harbour. It is pricey but the food is delicious especially the steak and portion are quite sizeable. Something I realised after ordering 3 starters to taste and a main of mussels in white wine sauce. (No regrets that I had to walk an hour to get it down before sleeping, though).

Restauracja Gdanksa

The best interior in Gdansk with delicious food. It is traditional in its décor and food both. Again, on the pricey food but the Pierogies and duck both were divine.


Great place for breakfast, the polish breakfast was great especially the sausages with a great selection of teas.

Restauracja Reikawiczka

Another great option for breakfast especially if you’re particularly hungry because their buffet breakfast was great.

Forum Food Court

It is a modern shopping mall right at the doorstep of the old town, its food court has some good and light food options for when you’re not in a big meal sitting down for food in Gdansk.

Forum Gdansk


Food in Sopot

Sopot is a beach town and there is no shortage of touristy spots here but luckily I had some help at hand from locals who recommended two restaurants.

Bar Przystan

It is a cafeteria-style restaurant right at the beach. They do a great fisherman soup which is just the right amount of spicy. Also, check their prawns which were delicious and perfectly done. They have a couple more restaurants around the city.

White Marlin

This restaurant is more expensive and it is located right next to the pier on the beach. The herring and octopus were great but the best part was the ambience which was great just before the sunset. It is often frequented by Polish celebrities so keep an eye out.

Gay Nightlife in Gdansk

Gdansk used to have a couple of gay bars and clubs in the past but they have been closed now as the city has become more hostile and homophobic. Any public display of affection here is a big no-no. As of now, there are no LGBT specific establishments here of any kinds from bars, clubs to restaurants or hotels. You can check here if there has been a new opening recently.

Piwna Street

Piwna Street

Street Bars

Piwna and Mariacka Streets both are adjacent and offer great bars which are both quite reasonable with lots of options. I found them to be much better than the Long Street and Long markets places which were too crowded and noisy.

Mariacka Street

Mariacka Street

I especially loved Piwna street, sandwiched between St Mary’s towering presence on one side and the pink and golden beauty of The Great Armoury.

The Great armoury Gdansk

The Great armoury Gdansk

Gay Nightlife in Sopot

The last remaining gay bar/club in the Tricity area is located in Sopot, it is called HAH Art & Music Club. I really wanted to go but it opens quite late around 10:30 and I had nothing to do till then so I headed back to Gdańsk. There is a severe lack of gay places in the Gdansk area with a single gay place in Sopot. Do check here for an updated list. The general nightlife is right next to the beach and pier in Sopot and you do not need to search for bars and clubs, just head to the Lighthouse square.

Sopot Life

Best Thing to do in Sopot

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