Mount Longonot & Lake Naivasha

by Ucman Scher
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Naivasha gay travel

A Day Around Mount Longonot & Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha is the biggest lake in Kenya. It is heaven for birdwatchers, animal enthusiasts and offer a lot of things to see and do. I really wanted to see the hippos up close and lake Naivasha is the best spot for that. I spent 3 days after the Maasai Mara safari to explore these beautiful lakes.

The first 2 days were spent around Lake Elementaita and Nakuru and the last day in Naivasha and Mount Longonot.

Lakes and Longonot VLOG


I stayed near Elementaita which was ideal location to explore all three lakes.

Naivasha Gay Travel

There are some locals who are on Grindr but the population is fairly slim. as expected there are no gay or lGBT venues in or around Naivasha. I also checked and sadly there are no local LGBT businesses or tour companies to support.

No one:

Exploring Lake Naivasha

The day started early to avoid mid day blazing sun on open lake and it was a good decision.

Lake Naivasha is the biggest lake out of three and most lively one. There are tons of things to do around here. The best part was my chance to see the most elusive animals for me in Kenya; hippos. Here is what I did:


Boat Ride Over the Lake

There are multiple hotels, camp sites and resorts which offer boat rides. The driver took us to Crescent Tented Campsite. They charged us $60 for 2 people for an hours boat ride. For a single person it would be $50.

We hadn’t even left the campsite when we came across an entire family of hippos including a baby standing atop his mother’s back in waters. I Alam it shouted eureka. They are very dangerous and we swerved to avoid disturbing them.

The guide took us around to show us different birds starting with eagles. He threw a fish in water and the eagle dove to catch it. It was amazing.

The diversity of birds was incredible, I have never seen so many different birds in a single place. This place is a birdwatchers paradise.


Crescent Island

The headed to the open water and close to crescent island. It used to be an empty island but they brought some animals over for a movie and without a predator they have flourished. We saw a couple of waterbucks followed by tons of zebras, wildebeests, impalas etc. They were also pretty chilled with the knowledge that no one was out to hunt them. They also have giraffes on the island.

We had the option to do a walking safari on the island for an hour for $40 extra but we declined in favour of climbing mount Longonot.

Just when we were turning back to go back we saw more hippos. I swear they are the cutest animals, super lethal though if you mess with them.

We had our lunch at Lazy Bones Bar & Restaurant and after a brief rest headed to Hell’s Gate National Park.

Hell’s Gate National Park

The entrance is $20 per person and it is the only national park which allows bringing in cycles and you can go all the way on your car next to the gorge and canyon. From there, there are 3 routes you can do depending on time you have.

We arrived to find the gorge was closed, it was disappointing and we gave up the idea and headed to mount Longonot. It was a wise decision.

A giraffe on the roadside on the way to Longonot

Mount Longonot

Longonot is an amazing place, perhaps my favourite spot in these 3 days. It seem like a place out of Jurassic Park movie or an alien world you’ve just landed. It is an inactive volcano and the crater is filled with greenery now.

The entrance fee is $20 per person and plastic bottles are strictly forbidden. The first thing that we noticed was dust. Heaps of it. The 100 metres we walked in it firmly lodged tons of it on our shoes all the way to our faces.

All happy without the idea of missing out on daylight

The first part of the hike was a walk in the park. We left at easy pace. We saw some zebras running around. The greenery started and the path got narrower and steeper until eventually we got to some stairs. It was getting quite steep. It still wasn’t too bad though. After half an hour we got it he too of first mountain thinking it was the rim of crater, nope!

My friend decided to wait for me while I run to the crater and back beating the sunset. I did just that.

I hiked up in 20 minutes with my heart rate reaching 172 bpm. The hike got difficult and steep and worse of all, slippery. I did it nevertheless.

I finally reached at the rim of crater and collapsed for about 5 minutes drenched in sweat panting like a dog.

I finally managed to got up and could stop myself from saying wow. The sun was setting on the other side. The entire hike up took me 50 minutes (very proud of that).

If I had more time I’d walk around the entire rim of the crater which is 7.5 km walk.

It was an amazing feeling to be shirtless on top of this volcano entirely alone. I did a little dance even (I am an excellent dancer when I’m alone).

The ‘I did that’ photo

The hike down was also tricky due to slippery soil but we managed to get back and headed out just before the park closed.

Beautiful sunset as a reward for the hike

It was an amazing day and I slept like a baby after washing off tons of dust off me in shower with legs aching very nicely.

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