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A big perk of travelling is the range of stories, opinions and lifestyles I got exposure to. I always wanted to share these absolutely incredible stories but didn’t know how to go about it. I finally realised I wanted to showcase it here not only for people to find what it is like being LGBT in different cultures but also to find solace that despite all the negativity, all the hardships and even threats to our lives, we always find love around us.

These LGBT stories come from people I know or I have met over the years; every one of them is unique and equally dear to me and every story offers hope as well as advice for you if you travel to their country.

Check out my guide on Safe Travelling.

Disclaimer: I have made some changes to protect the identities of people in countries where it could cause them harm. If you have a unique story to share, please reach out to me, I’d be happy to showcase it.

If you are interested in doing some more research you can check out this excellent source from Harvard for LGBTQ Travellers.