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by Ucman Scher
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Solo Trip Guide to Kotor & Perast in Montenegro

Kotor is one of the most amazing, breathtaking, stunning and beautiful places on the whole planet that took my breath away. The journey starting from A to Z was a beautiful day; one I will cherish forever.

We set on the way to Kotor in the morning on our lovely car and it took us about 30 minutes from Budva to get there. the drive is very scenic and we passed through a really long tunnel and I love tunnels; that just made me feel like it’d be a good day and right I was.

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We parked our car next right outside the old town walls and leisurely walked in knowing that we had to cover some 1400 steps and climb 1200 meters. After roaming around a bit in the old town, fueling ourselves with breakfast and iced coffee and stocking up on water and snacks. The old town is small but can be quite crowded due to cruise ships. I would recommend visiting the church of St. Nicholas on the way, the rest were small and rather looked a lot alike.

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Climbing Kotor City walls

Kotor City walls have been standing around Kotor around 1200 metres high since 8th Century A.D. Invaders, earthquakes, natural calamities, natural wear & tear; they have seen it all and the thing that makes them interesting is not only the amazing views but also the numerous churches and gates built along those walls in different time periods and how complex they are.

We braced ourselves and started walking towards the North Gate where the walk starts near St. Mary’s church. The guy at the entrance was lazing and didn’t have change so he let me in for 1 euro instead of 3, my friends had to pay the full price though.

You will see some local living around the entrance with clothes drying on wires and children playing outside houses, reminded me of my hometown and a little bit of childhood, Kotor still has character hidden inside those beautiful narrow alleyways despite the daily influx of tourists in hoards by cruise ships…

The climb was quite okay but make sure you bring shoes with good grip because the stairs are only on one narrow side and the stones are quite slippery generally and the walls can be quite steep. We met plenty of people huffing and puffing but every single time I turned my head right, I just felt this rush of adrenaline because the views were so stunning, it just motivated me to go higher and higher to finally get to the top.

Halfway through we stopped for some water at The Church of Our Lady of Remedy, which was famous for the cure of plague in ancient times, although its a mystery how you’d climb half an hour to get cured if you’ve had plague hmmm…

Climb, climb and climb and yeah don’t forget the selfies and the endless pictures we took because it just kept getting better and better and finally we arrived at the top. Two surprises here; one was obviously the view which just left us speechless for a little while and the second one was the guy selling his paintings and the other guy selling beer and cold water. To think of climbing 1400ish steps to sell some water and paintings must be the most painful job ever, we bought some water.

After a few snacks and water and feeling our lungs caught up we took some pictures and started our walk down again. This time it was slightly more dangerous and slippery but in 30 minutes we made it back to the Old town.

Climb Kotor City Walls – Check!!!

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The next point on the way was Perast which came highly recommended by our hostess Marina. I wasn’t extremely enthusiastic but the day was cloudy and we were hungry after all the climbing so we decided to ditch the plan to go to Morinj beach and stick to some food in Perast and I’m glad we did.

Perast is a very beautiful coastal town, tidy and gorgeous with a lot of character and contrary to my expectations it was nothing like Budva or Kotor Old towns. You can easily cross the whole town in less than 5 minutes on the car which we parked on one end and walked to the outdoor dining deck of Hotel Conte.

The staff was very courteous and despite their cleaning up after a wedding they accommodated us immediately and gave us blankets because it was getting cold. We snuggled in our blankets and enjoyed some amazing food followed by really creamy cheesecake and watched the beautiful sunset from behind the mighty mountains. You can get a water taxi and go to the 2 small islands sitting in the middle of the bay.

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Sunset in Perast

The town of Perast and the beautiful sunset there just melt your heart, we sat there in awe of what was happening right before our eyes and finally woke up when it got quite dark, found our car and drove back in silence from the magic we just witnessed and finally the tiredness catching up with us…

Night View of Kotor Walls

We thought the day was over but the night view of the Kotor actively disagreed, we stopped to get some ice cream and enjoy the view before finally driving off to Budva to rest our legs. It was a magical day…

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