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Solo Gay Trip Guide to Jordan

Who doesn’t know about Petra? The country seems to be an extension of this wonder of the world but there’s a lot more to this gorgeous country than Petra alone.

When I started looking at my trip the easiest and most peaceful element was Jordan. (Compared to its neighbours, it is a very peaceful and country).

Jordan is located near the red sea and offers a complete package for slightly off-season travel. In fact, the country is best enjoyed slightly off-season in early October or March so it is not ridiculously hot or gets too cold in the night. The entry requirements are quite easy and the airports are quite pleasant.


How To Plan Your Trip To Jordan?

I spent around 5 days in Jordan landing into Amman which is the capital and then driving from the dead sea to Petra and then from the dessert finishing my trip in Aqaba which is the southernmost city and crossed into Israel. There is a lot to see and do here and you can explore more but I feel like a week is enough to see things at a good pace. The roads are in good enough condition for driving and the driving isn’t too hectic. I managed to do everything despite an accident on my way from Amman to the Dead Sea. (More about that later)

Dead Sea

Is Jordan Expensive?

Jordan squeezes your wallet in a big way. The entry visa alone was roughly 50 GBP. It is not a cheap destination by any measure and make sure you budget properly for this trip. Petra especially is expensive and Amman is not any cheaper either (3 JOD for a cup of tea is more expensive than London even)

What Is Public Transport Like In Jordan?

I hired a car to go around because some buses and tours take you to the most famous places but you have to arrange special transport if you want to go off the beaten path. Public transport is very limited other than Amman- Petra – Aqaba route. In Amman uber is quite convenient (but not very cheap). It is probably the only city where getting a cab via Uber was cheaper than uber itself.

Is Jordan Safe?

Jordan is super safe and stable. There are no military checkpoints in the big cities or places. I barely saw any police either. I also didn’t feel the need for protection when driving on rural roads. Safety-wise it is quite a good destination.

How Is Food In Jordan?

I thought Jordanian food would be a bit of Lebanese food with a twist but how wrong I was! Jordan has its own amazing cuisine and there’s a lot to eat and discover. You will have an amazing time whether you’re a vegetarian or a big meat eater.You have to try Mansef and Mqlouba rice and my favourite dessert was Bousbussa cake. I even took a cooking class at Beit Sitti where we cooked the food and then ate it together. It was a fun experience and a must-do in Amman. (Details in Amman post).

Should I Carry Cash Or Cards In Jordan?

Jordan uses Dinar as its currency but dollars are also accepted at certain places. Cards are accepted in bigger cities mostly and you need cash generally especially rural areas. ATM’s are generally available. Money withdrawal here always comes with a local bank transaction fee so plan in advance and withdraw money to avoid a lot of fees.

Is It Safe To Drink Tap Water In Jordan?

Tap water is drinkable but not advised. Make sure you buy a big bottle to refill your reusable bottle. Make sure you take plenty of water with you for Petra because it is especially needed there and it is expensive.

How To Get Past ID Checks In Jordan?

There are no checks generally and I wasn’t asked for ID except for driving license a couple of time when driving.

Where To Arrive In Jordan?

There are two airports in the country and I landed in Amman from Beirut. It was quite easy to get out and take the bus to the city. The buses go only to a certain distance and then you need a cab from there. Cabs from the airport were eye wateringly expensive. I used the bus to 7th Ring and then took an uber from there to my hotel.

Which Sim Card To Buy In Jordan? Is Internet Good In Jordan?

I got a local sim card for this trip. Internet and phone connection is generally good and WIFI is also easily accessible. Even in far off desert, the connection was pretty reliable.

Are People Of Jordan Friendly?

People are generally quite sweet and warm and very helpful. You can clearly feel the difference in attitudes of locals in touristy sites like Petra versus a few villages where I stopped for food or water. Overall courteous and friendly bunch.

Which Languages Are Spoken In Jordan?

The official language is Arabic and English is the second language but it is not as widely spoken. I have had to use google translate plenty of times but it wasn’t too bad and no one gave me a hard time. I can luckily read Arabic which definitely helps here. The guides and people associated with the tourist industry mostly speak good English.

Is Jordan Racist?

Jordanians are very friendly and I didn’t feel any racism there. Everyone was very friendly and smiled when I mentioned my country of origin and London. Not Racist!

Is Jordan Safe For LGBT travellers?

Homosexuality is illegal in Jordan but I didn’t see anyone making a fuss about it. There is a subtle sense of acceptability here. Grindr is full of faceless profiles but people are generally nice and genuine and send their own pics. There is a couple of cafes in Amman which are frequented by the gay population, do not expect something loud or flashy there either. I didn’t feel threatened because of my sexuality.

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