Ghosta and Byblos

by Ucman Scher
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Paragliding view from Ghosta

Solo Trip & Paragliding from Ghosta to Byblos in Lebanon

It was my second morning in Lebanon and I was going to do something I had never thought about in my wildest dream; paragliding.

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Drive to Ghosta

I am fine with heights but free falls aren’t exactly pleasant for me. Nevertheless, I headed to Jounieh where the paragliding company office was located, they picked me up and we headed to Ghosta which is located on the top of the mountain. The cost was $150 with video camera rental.

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I was a bit nervous but the instructor was very friendly and immediately put a stop to my worries with the mention of no free fall at any point. My excitement started to build up and eventually, we reached the take-off point. I saw a few people jump off.

Ghosta and the Jump

The views from Ghosta are to die for. It is considered one of the best spots in the whole world for paragliding and you can see why. The jump from the mountain shows you the views all the way to Beirut and Byblos with landing at the beach with Jounieh under your feet.

It was my turn and I strapped myself to the instructor and the bag and then we left, a forceful run and then we were in the air. The air rushed around me with nothing under my feet. I was flying.
I won’t spoil the fun for you but these were probably the free-est most prized 15 minutes of my life.

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I landed at the beach and made my way to Byblos. This ancient city is anything but boring. First stop was the beach. I was recommended the Pheonix beach which is close to town.

Some fun and splashing around I headed to get some lunch in the souks which are a few minutes walk away. The souks and the areas nearby have plenty of stuff to offer with narrow alleys, beautiful shops and flower loaded houses and courtyards, some churches.

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It is located in the Christian part of Lebanon.

Lunch and a stroll later I headed to the beachside ruins. There wasn’t much to see but the walk back was beautiful. I got myself a drink and watched the sunset over this stunning city perched on my sunbed. It was a senses-defying sunset with colours as intense as this city demands…

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