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Gay Travel Ayia Napa

2 Days for Gay Travel Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa is a beautiful mixture of beautiful beaches and cheap tourism. This area of Cyprus has the best beaches without a doubt, the waters are crystal clear and the light golden sand beaches are incredibly beautiful. The city itself has been gobbled up by blocks and blocks of cheap tourist accommodations, hotels and touristy restaurants. In short, it is nothing like Cyprus and you will not find much of the culture here if you aim to see any during your trip (as the joke goes the only culture you will see here are bacteria). Gay travel Ayia Napa is not a big thing if you are expecting

Check out my Cyprus Country guide for all essential information about the country.

Fun Fact: Ayia Napa is also called Agia Napa, Napa means wooded which was due to the topography of this area back then when it was given the name. Not many woods survived through the times though.

Getting to Ayia Napa

The closest airport to Ayia Napa is Larnaca which is about 30-40 minutes drive away. You can take a taxi (€45-70) or a shuttle which you can arrange with your accommodation or even when you land there is a both at arrivals who can help with shuttle arrangement.

The cheapest option is to take the bus from Larnaca. there is no direct bus so you will need to take the bus to Larnaca city centre (425 or 431) and then take the bus from there to Ayia Napa (100 or 101). If you are staying in Larnaca, it is a short drive and the road is pretty good. You can check more details here on CyprusByBus website.

Public Transport in Ayia Napa

Public transport is a bit of a nightmare in Cyprus from getting information to lack of apps and wrong information at multiple places. There is a bus that goes around but it is not very frequent and I Highly recommend getting your own car. There are a few places public transport doesn’t go to like sea caves. The roads are generally good and traffic isn’t as crazy or manic as I’d expected. Even for a not-so-great driver like me, it was very manageable.

Food in Ayia Napa

Food in Ayia Napa was the most disappointing part, it is extremely touristy and not in the good sense. It is full of restaurants that have massive menus where they sell pizzas and spaghetti bolognese with Indian Curry and chicken chow mien all without any consideration for taste. The only bearable experience was Hokkaido which is a Tapenyaki place but it was only the spectacle that was fun and the food was very average. I mean who puts courgettes and carrots in miso soup?

I honestly do not have any place to recommend here as I didn’t get any decent food in these two days and at the end, I  just ate at KFC. If you are going to Larnaca check out my Larnaca food guide for some proper food.

Must Bring

Sunscreen, sunglasses, flip flops, swimming trunks, driving license.

Where to Stay in Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa is fairly equal in all directions and no matter where you stay, you won’t be far from the centre of activity especially if you get a car. If you like peace and quiet stay near the beach area which is quieter in the evenings or if you like partying stay near the Ayia Napa monastery which is right next to the party strip.

Best Time to Visit Ayia Napa

Spring and late summer are the best times to visit Ayia Napa. In summers, it is not only very hot, it is also very busy. The beaches are overflowing with people and it is very hard to find space.

How Many Days for Ayia Napa

You can easily do Ayia Napa in 2 days and if you do it leisurely, 3-4 days are more than enough. Beyond this, there isn’t much to see and do here.

My travel buddy

Gay Ayia Napa/ Gay Travel Ayia Napa

When I landed I opened my Grindr and most of the population around was in Ayia Napa. Larnaca was empty. Most of these people were tourists so I thought Ayia Napa might have a decent gay scene. I was wrong! It doesn’t have any gay venues, not even gay-friendly places except for one beach. There were no locals in Ayia Napa and most of the crowd was ‘couples on holiday’. This might be different during the height of the season.

You should be careful, I heard the story of a British guy living in Ayia Napa who got punched by the bouncer for kissing a guy on the dancefloor.

Check out my complete Gay Cyprus guide for more detail.

Free Walking Tour Ayia Napa

There is no free walking tour of Ayia Napa mainly because there isn’t much to see here in terms of history.

2 Days Itinerary for Ayia Napa

Most of Ayia Napa can be easily seen in 2 days as I previously stated. Here is my recommended itinerary to see and do the best of Ayia Napa in 2 days:

Day 1:

  • Ayia Napa Monastery
  • Drive to Nissi Beach
  • Drive to Cape Greco and Sea Caves for Sunset

Day 2:

  • Drive to Fig Tree Bay
  • Lunch at Paralimni
  • Konnos Beach
  • Ayia Napa International Sculpture Park

Top Things To Do In Ayia Napa

Here are my favourite and top things to do in Ayia Napa:

Ayia Napa International Sculpture Park

Located on the edge of Ayia Napa, this new addition to Ayia Napa hosts hundreds of sculptures from around the world and they add more sculptures each year. It is quite a big park and open-air and you can easily walk around without any entrance fee. the sculptures are varied and interesting and I loved walking around here just before the sunset, it was an amazing experience.

I have never experienced a sunset like this and with so few people around, I got a chance to explore, relax and enjoy the works of art in the golden hour with ever-changing light. I do recommend going there very early or around sunset to enjoy this masterpiece of work. This park has the potential to put Ayia Napa on the list of up-and-coming art scenes in the Mediterranean.

Ayia Napa Monastery

The only anchor to the past of Ayia napa is this monastery standing in the middle of town. It is stone made and sadly it was closed for refurbishment during my visit. It is beautiful and has a tower on the upper level on the same height as the bars and clubs strip. The monastery was built by putting the rock and named after the ‘Our Lady of Forests’.

Entrance to the monastery is free and it has been converted to a museum with a beautiful garden. The weirdest part is its location next to hardcore clubs that blare music all night with live music and drunk foreigners. It sits there like a wise elder, smiling at the children and their mistakes of youth. The square in front is also quite beautiful and very well maintained with an ‘ I love Ayia Napa’ sign.

Nissi Beach

Beaches in Cyprus are either amazing or totally meh and this one is world-famous for a reason. The beautiful golden sand beach with crystal clear blue waters is breathtaking. The best part is how shallow it is for a considerable length allowing for everyone to enjoy the beautiful waters. Even non-swimmers like me can enjoy it.

It is located a couple of km away from Ayia Napa and has plenty of infrastructure around it from hotels to touristy restaurants. Sadly, the popularity and beauty came at a price and the beach is flooded with tourists, lots of families and children. It was so crowded at the end of October, I wondered what it would be like during the high season.

The beach has a beautiful island I crossed to and the view from up there is just amazing, it actually shows why everyone loves this place. Absolutely beautiful!

I could spend a full day here and not be bored (minus the children around of course).

Cape Greco & Sea Caves

Cape Greco is the furthermost part of the island on the east side and while there is no way to go all the way to the very end. I arrived here with Lissandro (my travel buddy for this trip) just before the sunset.

The light was perfect and we got to enjoy the rugged rocks with the emerald blue sea. The best, however, were the caves. The water was so clear and through the sides, I could climb down and the view transformed from the red soil to green and blue with water gently lashing against the caves.

We spent the rest of the evening chilling.

He is a swimmer and took full advantage of the crystal clear water whereas I enjoyed at the edges. It is definitely the best spot to enjoy the sunset.

Fig Tree Bay

Fig tree bay is the location os another set of beaches with a small-town type infrastructure around. There are a few hotels and restaurants as well as bars. The beach itself is very nice with shallow waters, clear water and golden sand. Fig tree bay is relatively more upscale and the spots around were in much better condition.

The sunbeds and umbrella cost us €7.50 for two at the front which was not bad at all. There were far fewer people here in comparison with Nissi beach which I absolutely loved. we spent pretty much all morning here before heading to Paralimni for lunch, it was a fun morning.

Konnos Beach and Protaras

The best beach on the island of Cyprus is Konnos beach. We arrived at the Konnos bay hotel and parked the car not knowing we could go down all the way. It was a blessing in disguise! The view of the entire Konnos bay and beach from up here was spectacular. I fell in love instantly. We headed down slowly through the steps and finally arrived at the beach.

Konnos beach was definitely the best beach I visited in entire Cyprus. The clear water, the golden sand, far fewer people, cleanliness and facilities with lots of greenery around all made it a place to fall in love with. On the left-hand side are a few rocks with a small pool which was perfect for relaxing, soaking up some sun and forgetting about everything. It is moments like these which I cherish when I travel.

We spent pretty much the rest of the entire day here before heading back to Ayia Napa. If you get the chance to go to only one spot in Cyprus, pick this one, you won’t be disappointed.

Paralimni Village

Paralimni village is located just a few minutes drive from the nearby beaches of Protaras and Ayia Napa. While I was expected a more quaint setting, it has been transformed by mass tourism in its neighbour village of Ayia Napa. there are lines of restaurants, and touristy shops but the village still has a charm and retain a lot of character compared to Ayia Napa. There are also a few restaurants here which looked more local (sadly closed for lunch) and we needed up in KFC which wasn’t as bad with no breakfast and two very hungry guys.

We walked around for a bit in the town especially the central square of the town which was fun. We could see pretty much most of the place within an hour after lunch which made for a good walk after lunch before heading to the next beach.

Party Non-Stop

If you want to part non stop, Ayia Napa has tonnes of places. There is an entire strip full of bars, clubs and live music venues which offer cheap booze and non-stop partying in the season. Luckily all the craziness was over when I visited in October but the strip is quite fun and a must-visit for a drink in the evening even if you are not a party goes. The bars and clubs are quite crazy and take on a life of their own after dark when there isn’t much to do in Ayia Napa.

To get there, head to the Ayia Napa monastery and walk up the stairs to get to the tower of monastery, the bars start from there but I am sure the music will guide you.

Water Sports

almost all beaches in Ayia Napa offer water sports of some sort, whether you are after jet skis or want to kayak or simply want some fun on an inflatable being dragged around in the water. Most of these water sports are popular with kids but as previous experience taught me, it is not as much fun as I thought it would be, I didn’t partake. Feeling like I was holding on for my life with salt-rich water entering every orifice of my body and eyes firmly shut is not my idea of fun.

I do recommend kayaking though, it is quite fun and relaxing and the shallow beaches in Ayia Napa are perfect for it.

Depending on when you visit, you will have a very different experience of Ayia Napa. It won’t be a Cypriot experience but if it is sun, sea and sand you’re after, Ayia Napa will not leave you disappointed.


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