Food In Zanzibar

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food in zanzibar

Food In Zanzibar

Food in Zanzibar was not what I was expecting. I was really expecting something around the food in Lamu but Zanzibar disappointed when it comes to local food. The only exception was the food locals actually prepared as part of day tours to Mnemba Island and after spice tour. International food and seafood were the best food. Most places choose full board accommodations which is a serious mistake because Zanzibar has a lot to offer.

Important: You must order well in advance before you get hungry. Apart from one place, I always had to wait around an hour for food because it really is made fresh. I am not exaggerating, be prepared to wait an hour on average for food.

Check out my Tanzania and Zanzibar guides for full details for a wholesome experience.

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I’d recommend the places below:


Stone Town

Stone Town Cafe


An easygoing café in Stone Town offering great food. I tried the octopus curry which was really nice. They are a bit limited on food options though. It is a perfect place for a relaxed brunch or lunch while exploring Stone Town.

Forodhani Street Food


In the evenings the area on the seafront opposite the Old Fort comes alive. Locals set up stalls serving all sorts of food. I loved it. It si quite cheap and lively. I was quite surprised how hygenic the food was as well. I’d recommend this place for an evening meal. Be careful, you will be pulled into each stall as you’re passing, just take a look around and then choose  aplace you like and orer there.



Ethipian food is all the rage in East Africa which is well deserved. This restaurant is a great option with a small garden and a good variety of food. I tried the spicy mutton option with Injera, it was good.

Emerson Spice Rooftop


A perfect place to watch sunset over the old roofs of Stone Town. They have a good selection of locally inspired cocktails.

Emerson Spice Hotel Secret Garden


Walking around int he heat is seriously exhausting, this little garden with its single running fountain provide some much needed respite along with the best drink we had in Stone Town. The spiced iced tea was absolutely delicious with perfect taste.

6 Degrees South


Another great option to see and enjoy the sunset with good drinks. They focus on international cuisine. I really enjoyed the grilled chicken with Piri Piri sauce. I’d even dare say it was much better than Nando’s.

Park Hyatt


The building itself is worth a visit, if for no other reason than just looking around. It has been immaculately designed and decorated. The Verandah is a perfect spot to watch the sunset with good drinks. I loved it after a visit to their spa.

Outside Stone Town

Shadow Restaurant


A small hut on the beach run by the local villages of Kilimajuu. The place is really simple, almost like a canteen but the food is simple and delicious. It took a while to come but I licked my plate clean. The entire seafood platter was cooked to perfection.

Garden Bob Restaurant


This little local place is based in Matemwe in a hut and gives the perfect beach vibe. The food is absolutely great and very fresh. We arrived early because of previous experiences with service time and it was good calculation. The food started arriving an hour after our order. Everything was delicious though, from salad to soups to mains.

Highly recommended!

The Rock Restaurant


This is the most expensive place I have been to in Tanzania. Located in Pingwe on the beach submerged under water during high tide, it is an absolute stunner. The views from the place are absolutely amazing. Even though we arrived to a low tide for lunch.

The food was barely above average, the octopus salad starter was better than the grilled lobster. Drinks were better, I’d recommend skipping food and heading there for drinks instead.

Upendo Restaurant


After a rather disappointing lunch at Rock, my friend and I spent the evening in Upendo. It is a really cool place and finished our day with dinner there. The food was decent and tasty, much better than The Rock Restaurant. The staff was also great. I liked my Crab Swahili Coconut curry with chapati.

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