Food in Paphos

by Ucman Scher
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Food in Paphos

Food In Paphos

Paphos has a great food scene and there are plenty of great food spots in the city and around. The city has the new touristic side and the old town. Both areas have good food.

Like most cities, if you want to local food you need to go to the old city Whereas the area around the beach has mostly international style touristic restaurants. What I found quite interesting and surprising was that the tourist area had a good mix of different cuisines and good quality restaurants as compared to Eastern side of the island especially Ayia Napa which has almost no good restaurants.

If you want to see what locals eat and what is special about Cypriot cuisine check out my article about food in Larnaca which highlights the must-have food in Cyprus like souvlaki, Shaftelia etc.

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