Food in Paphos

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Food in Paphos

Food In Paphos

Paphos has a great food scene and there are plenty of great food spots in the city and around. The city has the new touristic side and the old town. Both areas have good food.

Like most cities, if you want to local food you need to go to the old city Whereas the area around the beach has mostly international style touristic restaurants. What I found quite interesting and surprising was that the tourist area had a good mix of different cuisines and good quality restaurants as compared to Eastern side of the island especially Ayia Napa which has almost no good restaurants.

If you want to see what locals eat and what is special about Cypriot cuisine check out my article about food in Larnaca which highlights the must-have food in Cyprus like souvlaki, Shaftelia etc.

Paphos Travel and Food Vlog

Best Restaurants in Paphos

Compared to Larnaca the restaurant in Paphos are better in quality and ambience both. The entire strip near the beach area has great international food as well as a good selection of drinks and cocktails it is quite busy in the evenings. A few venues also have live music but you will need to reserve a spot in advance.

My favourite restaurants in Paphos are:



Located near the beach, it is a great brunch place. I also visited their sister restaurant in Larnaca. The menu is quite diverse with lots of options for brunch. It is a very typical new age modern place with modern decor and delicious brunch food. The sweet savoury pancakes were absolutely delicious with halloumis, bacon and fried eggs with maple syrup. The smoothie was also great and they have a good variety of those. The iced tea was perfect as well.

Omikron Brunch Restaurant


Omikron is probably the most happening brunch place in the old part of the town located a stone’s throw away. The decor os the restaurant is beautiful and somewhat rustic, Bohemian feel. The pancakes were great with a mix of sweet savoury flavour and eggs made things even better. I visited quite early on Sunday which was my last day and it was the perfect finish to the entire trip.

It is also quite a busy place so a reservation is highly recommended. The service was slow but the food totally made up for it.



Pinguino has the perfect location is right next to the harbour with a beautiful interior and welcoming entrance. They have a huge selection of cocktails and food especially brunch. It was my first morning in Paphos when I visited the restaurant and I went again the day after for a cocktail pause times the food was incredible and the drinks perfectly right.

They are quite busy in the evenings and I can imagine it being really busy place during high season for definitely make a reservation for brunch.



Muse is located a stone throw away from the old town Hall as well as at the edge off the cliff that overlooks most of the Paphos city. They have amazing views of the city and there’s even a little balcony where are you can see all the way to the harbour. It is also a very popular and trendy place, Full of youngsters and fashionable Cypriots.

I visited in the evening for some waffles and crêpes with a friend and everything was on point the service is a bit slow they were fairly busy. It is another really busy place if you’re going for a branch of food I would recommend making a reservation.



Ouzeri Is one of the restaurants attached to Almyra hotel And Wilder Italian restaurant is pretty average, Ouzeri is absolutely amazing. It was definitely the most favourite place I went to during the entire Cyprus trip. For starters, they have outdoor seating right next to the beach which is very beautifully lit with the perfect ambience.

The menu is quite diverse and varied but they have a lot of Cypriot dishes and I chose mezze to try as many different things as possible. It was the perfect decision. From the salads to the sausage to lamb cutlets everything was amazing but the real trophy goes to baklava. It was probably the best for karma I have ever had outside Turkey.

It was crunchy but not hard which is the perfect amount of syrup and layers of filo pastry aligned perfectly well. It was my last evening and oh Siri definitely made it memorable. It’s an incredibly popular place and you should not go without a reservation especially on days when they have live music which is most days and they will not entertain without a reservation.

Pitta Express

Pitta Express is the perfect snack place and I was actually introduced to it by a local. I initially thought he was being a cheapskate and taking me to a street corner place. I couldn’t be more wrong. I have had the best wrap in Cyprus at this place, the pitta bread stuffed with souvlaki as well as Sheftalia (sausage) and salad.

It was in fact so good that I went there three times. It was the perfect meal and I would how do you recommend a visit. It is also a casual eating place you can easily take it away as well.

Picnic Restaurant

I arrived quite late in Paphos and I was tired after travelling from Larnaca in changing buses, lots of walking and lack of taxis left me very hungry. A Google search showed me this place. It is located on the corner of the street in sort of a residential area in the restaurant looks quite traditional with all style wooden tables.

I was the only customer at that time but the owner was very nice and prepared a kebab fresh for me. It was perfectly tender juicy and fresh and with fresh bread, I just couldn’t believe the quality of food I was getting for that price. It is the perfect example of not judging a book by its cover. It is another casual eatery and highly recommended as well.

These are all the places that I went to a really enjoyed in Paphos. I did not go to any specific bars our clubs because of COVID-19 I cannot give you a review of those but if you’re looking for good food these choices will serve you well.

Don’t forget to check my Paphos guide for more information about the city and what to do here apart from food in Paphos.

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