Food in Mykonos

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Food in Mykonos

Food in Mykonos

Food is absolutely amazing in Mykonos with lots of variety and all sorts of cuisines on offer. It is generally difficult to find bad food here. Mediterranean people just don’t do bad food and even the souvlaki places in town are better tasting than some Greek restaurants I have been to in London. 

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Mykonos Vlog With Food


What To Eat In Mykonos?

The best stuff to try without a doubt is the seafood which is fresh in most places. 

Traditional Greek food is also easily accessible with a few Souvlaki and Gyros spots to satisfy you when you’re returning drunk from a party and need a ‘kebab’.

I didn’t see many sushi or Thai places in the town but most restaurants do offer a variety of food including fusion food. I did see an Indian restaurant at Paradise beach though.

In terms of drinking, there are also quite a few options but I highly recommended Mastika which is the sap of a tree which is quite low on alcohol (what’s 30% on holiday eh!) and really refreshing. It usually comes after food as a shot. I absolutely loved it.

Fresh Greek salad with Feta Cheese

Is Food Expensive In Mykonos? How Expensive Is Food in Mykonos?

Mykonos is cheap by no means and most places will set you back by €70-150 per meal if you include a couple of drinks, although, cheaper spots are also available. I have marked the spots with a price range.

Where To Eat Best Food In Mykonos?

Mykonos town or Chora is full of restaurants with quite a few of them with outdoor seating in small, very beautiful courtyards.

Almost all beaches have beach clubs attached to them with great food. Some are better than others but most of them are good, I mentioned my favourites below.

Restaurants in Mykonos Town

Some of my favourite spots are:

Erasmus Bakery

Mykonos used to have a traditional bakery but the baker apparently retired and bakery closed. Erasmus is the traditional style bakery that offers traditional Greek sweets from baklava to stuffed buns. A must-try for Mykonos. It is located in Chora in one of the winding streets.

Food in Mykonos



This little shop is mostly for ice cream but they also offer great breakfast. The Mykonian breakfast was perfect and reasonable at €20. It was also the best bacon I have had in a long time. It is conveniently located on the main street that goes through Chora.

Their ice creams are also great especially the mix of coconut and cactus fruit sorbet.

Coconut and Cactus Fruit Ice cream

Coconut and Cactus Fruit Ice cream

The Liberty Breakfast Room


If you’re looking for breakfast with a great view, this is your view. Higher up on the mountain top, it offers beautiful and quaint options for breakfast.

French toast was my favourite item with a great variety of teas and coffee. The whole ambience and surroundings make it the perfect breakfast spot.


Cosmo Cafe


One of the best options for a great breakfast in Chora. From the fresh juice to iced tea, omelette and fruit salad, everything was absolutely perfect.



It is a no-frills, small restaurant in Little Venice facing the beach of the town. They have outdoor seating facing the beach and have great seafood options. 

Fish Tavern Kounelas


It is a small place with dreamy decor right next to a couple of gay bars and offers a great mix of food. The seafood platter was perfect for 2 and ambience very lively.



Mamalouka has one of the best outdoor seating in Chora with an adorable courtyard.

They have an extensive menu with lots of options for fish. The octopus was exquisite but the lamb main was somewhat disappointing. I’d recommend sticking to seafood which was perfect. Mamalouka also has great cocktails. I’d recommend making a reservation though because it is usually fully packed.


Joanna’s Niko’s Place

I usually don’t go to the same restaurant twice to try different spots but I broke my rule for this place because it really was that great. It is much cheaper than in other places in town and it is located right at the beach with an amazing evening sunset view.

the sunset…

The seafood platter was great and the grilled vegetables were sooo good, I don’t think I have had such amazing grilled veggies in my entire life. Their drinks are also great. I highly recommend reserving in advance, I have had to wait both times around 30 minutes to get a table, it is very popular.



Bouboulo is a great restaurant located right in the city beachfront with amazing options. I stopped here after visiting Delos on the recommendation by a local. The food is modern Greek and presentation immaculate. The onion pie with cold cheese was beautiful and moussaka just melted in my mouth. The semolina halva was also amazing.




Another great place right at the city beachfront with great seafood options, I went there for my last meal and decide to brave an entire seafood platter. Needless to say, I couldn’t finish it but the food was amazing.

Negrita Bar


Have you seen videos where a window leads to the sea in little Venice with the view of Windmills? This is that bar. I accidentally stumbled in on my last day and spent some time enjoying the view on my own. The margarita was absolutely delicious. The barman was really sweet and chatty and I had a great time.

View from Negrita Bar

Best Beach Clubs in Mykonos

Spilia Restaurant


Spilia is one of my favourite spots in Mykonos, it is located at Agia Anna Beach with the beach club. The restaurant is in a cave and offers very fresh, delicious food which comes with a heft price tag. Luckily I got a table without booking both times.

Their octopus is delicious and the ambience and view truly make you feel like you’re in heaven.



Alemagou is the beach club located next to Fteli beach in North. It is one of the best experiences I have had on the beach. the drinks and food both were amazing. Summer salad with figs and aged balsamic was the perfect starter with freshly baked bread and olive oil. The mussels and squid both were amazing.

The vibe was chilled and drinks just perfect. If you’re going in high season, I’d recommend making a reservation.




While Scorpios was THE place to be seen in Mykonos in the past, things have changed now. In my opinion, it is overrated. The sunset was great but it was quite crowded and pretentious. The drinks were great but the food was pretty average. For that price tag, it was not worth it in my opinion. It is attached to Paraga beach.

sunset from Scorpio



Principote is another beach club attached to Panormos beach in the north. Again, it comes with a hefty price tag but the food was great and the vibe was chilled. Panormos and Agios Sostis beaches are generally wild beaches with no sunbeds but Principote has everything you need. It is fast becoming the new Scorpios.

Like I mentioned before it is generally quite difficult to get bad food in Mykonos but I hope this guide helps you find some great hidden gems.

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