Food in Larnaca

by Ucman Scher
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Food in Larnaca

Food In Larnaca

Larnaca has the best restaurants in the entire Eastern region of Cyprus! Food in Larnaca was the only saving grace for the city. There are quite a few different restaurants and cafes in Larnaca offering great food, coffee and entertainment in the form of live music. With not much else to see and do in the city and 5 days here, food was a big time-spend for me in Larnaca. Food is quite reasonably priced in Larnaca, I have also marked the restaurants based on the price level.

Check out my Country Guide for Cyprus & Post about Larnaca for more detail of what to do in Larnaca.

Larnaca Travel Vlog

Must Eat Local Dishes in Larnaca

Some of my absolute favourite things to eat in Larnaca were:


A typical Cypriot salty cheese usually served grilled. It is the most amazing thing especially if you’re vegetarian. The salty taste just rolls off your tongue.

Village Salad

This is a Greek salad with fresh summer vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, onions and capers) and feta. The Cypriot village


Souvlaki is grilled meat on sticks, it could be pork, chicken, lamb or beef. The kebab version is a mix of lamb, beef and sometimes also pork. You can have these as is with salad or wrapped in pita bread.


The best sausages ever! These grilled sausages usually are wrapped in a pitta with a yummy serving of salad and tzatziki.

Best Restaurants in Larnaca

My favourite restaurant in the city are:



Estrella is quite a fun place with a beautiful courtyard. It is part of the new restaurants that cater to the younger generation. the menu is quite international and with lots of choices. I loved the Cypriot omelette and Japanese souffle pancakes. I was a bit hungry so ordered two things which was A LOT!  Pancakes were my absolute favourite and iced green tea was just on point.


Mingle Brunch Cafe


Another great brunch spot in the heart of town. They also have a great interior with a small garden/courtyard at the back. I tried the lava cake which was great. the menu was also quite diverse and had many of the typical brunch items. Service was also great.

Lava Brunch

Edem’s Yard


This is another great brunch spot in town. The first day I tried but there was a massive queue outside. I went again earlier on a working day and still had to wait 15 minutes. The courtyard is absolutely beautiful and the food was great. their menu is also quite diverse and international and the pancakes were my favourite.

Ithaki Garden


Set in a beautiful garden, Ithaki is a great place for lunch or dinner. In the evenings the place has live music most weekends and it gets quite busy. The food was amazing. It was my first meal in Cyprus and I could not have asked for a better place. The meatballs were tender and the squid absolutely exquisite. The portions were also huge and the menu had a lot of options.

Art Cafe 1900


Even with all the modern decor and international menus, no place in Larnaca touches Art Cafe 1900. It is such a fun, bohemian place with a bar on the bottom floor and restaurant on the upper floor. The entire place is smothered in decorations big and small but it is not just fancy gimmicky places.

Art Cafe lives up to its name…

They serve great food. I was lucky enough to get the balcony table which made things amazing. I got myself the lemon sauce lamb with spinach which just melted in my mouth. The dessert menu was also extensive and baklava really nice and amazing.

If you are a fan of beer and wine, this place has the choice of more than 100 types of both, crazy!


To Arxontikon Restaurant


Located on the seafront, it is quite a special place. While I wasn’t too keen on the very touristy spot for food, the reviews and a local recommendation dragged me to this place, TWICE! Both times, food was simply amazing. They also have two menus, a separate one just for fish and seafood and I got to try both. Highly recommended!


This chilled place is located next to St Lazarus church and it is perfect for a bite after exploring the church. The kebabs were simple yet tender and fresh. the wrap was also huge and really good. Overall,  a great place for some great souvlaki especially if you’re on a budget.


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