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by Ucman Scher
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Solo Vacation Guide to Encamp & Grandvalira Ski Resort in Andorra

The longest cable car in Europe starts at Encamp and ends at Solanelles in the Grandvalira ski resort. The cable car is 6 km long and takes you from point A to B in just 18 minutes with a stop in between for some more panoramic views.

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Encamp is located just 5kms from Andorra-la-Vella and Escaldes-Engordany, the main urban shopping area and I took L2 from the city centre to Encamp that took only 10-15 minutes and drops you right in front of the cable car. Encamp itself is quite small and is a little sleepy but it is at such an angle you get to see the sunlight in the morning. If you are a skiing enthusiast this will open the world with the largest ski slopes in the whole of South Europe and Pyranees mountains.

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The bus dropped me in front of the Funicamp cable car station and I bought the tickets which were roughly €12 return without skiing. The station is well equipped with lockers, WiFi and 8 levels of parking and the day I went was quiet so no long queues.

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The cable car is just as exciting as the views on the top. I waited for 5 minutes and managed to get on a cable car alone and then the journey began. It takes you through thick forests up to where the snow sporadically appears to thickly covered snowy mountains. The climb up is quite vertical and at times you feel like you could touch the treetops but obviously, its quite far below. You can see the beautiful valleys of Andorra below at 25 km/h it is quite calm and serene.

You will reach the first stop which has a restaurant and a viewing area but I didn’t bother stepping out because I was hungry and more interested in eating on the top.

On the way back, I took a hyper-lapse video of the journey, it is below, enjoy the views.

Solanelles (GrandValira)

Finally, I reached the top after 15-20 minutes from the start of my journey and 30-40 minutes from my residence which is pretty impressive considering how far off it is.

The views on the top are just breathtaking, I popped into the skiing school and the cafeteria next to it and ordered my awesome four-cheese sandwich and cappuccino. The food was good but the view was just breathtaking. You can see vast valleys, snow-clad mountains and luckily, it was quite sunny on the day so the views were even better.

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The skiing resort is absolutely stunning if you love skiing you can get more detailed information here.  I saw a lot of people skiing in different directions and there were two or three different chairs and standing lifts to bring them back up to the top.

I walked slightly up to the top of the mountain in the middle and saw the beauty of this tiny country in a single glance. You cannot stop yourself from falling in love with the stunning views. I made my way down after a couple of hours of roaming around, soaking up some sun. (Don’t forget to put some sunscreen on, the sun that high up is very harmful to your skin).

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