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Sopot Beach

A Day Trip To Sopot from Gdansk

Sopot is a small beach city in the Polish Riviera. It is located in the Tricity area between Gdańsk and Gdynia. It is everything you expect from a summer beach town and some more. Sopot is best for sun, sea and spas. The three most important things in summer. 

a day trip to Sopot

A perfect day in Sopot

I didn’t initially plan to visit Sopot but the lure of a clear beautiful day at the beach with some spa time and seafood lured me to Sopot and it was a great decision. It was a perfect 25 C sunny day without a cloud in sight in late July when I left Gdańsk to get to Sopot.

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Gdansk Sopot VLOG

Getting to Sopot

There are frequent SKM trains from Gdańsk to Sopot every 10 minutes during the day and every 45 minutes till late at night. The ticket was 4.4 PLN and I bought it from the station machine. The journey barely took 20 minutes and I arrived at the Sopot Train Station. You can check the train schedule on Intercity or Google maps both were accurate with live times.

Local Trains in Gdansk to Sopot

Sopot Town

Sopot is quite small and the city centre can be easily seen on foot within half an hour. Lines after lines of manicured beach houses along with clean streets with the light breeze wafting from the sea; I knew I hit the jackpot. 

The Main Street is called Bohaterow Monte Cassino which starts from a small square with a church and ends at the pier and beach. It is quite a lively street with lots of restaurants and artists playing instruments as well. 

Must Bring

Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Swimming Shorts.

Food in Sopot

Sopot is a beach town and there is no shortage of touristy spots here but luckily I had some help at hand from locals who recommended two restaurants. Don’t forget to try some waffles and ice cream on the beach.

Bar Przystan

It is a cafeteria-style restaurant right at the beach. They do a great fisherman soup which is just the right amount of spicy. Also, check their prawns which were delicious and perfectly done.

White Marlin

This restaurant is more expensive and it is located right next to the pier on the beach. The herring and octopus were great but the best part was the ambience which was great just before the sunset.

Is Sopot Gay Friendly?

The last remaining gay bar/club in the Tricity area is located in Sopot, it is called HAH. I really wanted to go but it opens quite late around 10:30 and I had nothing to do till then so I headed back to Gdańsk. Do check out here for an updated list. 

Like Gdańsk, the gay population here doesn’t mostly have pictures on Grindr profiles but in summers there’s plenty of guys. It is quite easy to meet as well. I didn’t see any indication of drugs (HnH or chill outs) and the majority of the population was quite young. Things are quite different offseason I have heard.

Things to do in Sopot

The Crazy House – Krzywy Domek

The crazy house is a small retail building which is located on the Monte Cassino street. Honestly, it was a bit underwhelming with all those commercial signs plastered but worth a minutes stop though to appreciate the architecture. It reminded me of the Dancing House in Prague although the scale there is much bigger.

The crazy house sopot

The Crazy House

Beach in Sopot

Sopot offers a great and beautiful beach which was surprisingly light holder bordering on white with. The beach is quite big and the farther you walk the less busy it becomes. I walked for about 20 minutes in line with the water and finally arrived at a great spot with enough seclusion to enjoy the beautiful sunny day. The waffles bar nearby also made things great. There are plenty of bars and restaurants dotted along the beach. 

If you’re into water sports Sopot has some water sports facilities on the beach as well.

water sports in sopotThe Pier of Sopot – Molo w Sopocie

The longest wooden pier in Europe is a spectacle of its own. In summer it costs 9 PLN to get on the pier. Honestly, I didn’t feel like going on after spending a full day at the beach but if you want to explore more and further this is your spot.

sopot Pier

The pier of Sopot

Pamper Yourself In A Spa

Sopot has plenty of great spas near the beach but I chose OXO luxury spa on recommendation from a local. It comes with the boutique hotel and the level of comfort and beauty is visible from the moment you step inside. It is a visual treat and with a massage and spa day costing only 190 PLN it was a real treat. 

From the entrance to the spa facilities, it was just amazing. The steam room, sauna and pool, everything was perfect. The massage was just the right pressure to relieve the tension of running around in Gdańsk. Staff was also really friendly (thanks for the pictures guys). Highly recommended!!

Party Like Polish Celebrities

Sopot is also the party capital of the north. In the evening I was approached by so many people on the way to the station offering great bar and club experience with cheap drinks. The bars and clubs looked great too but I wanted to keep my serenity so I have it a miss. The gay club HAH is located on the beach at a few minutes walk but it opens quite later after 10:30, perhaps for the next time when I stay in Sopot?

A lot of polish celebrities come here in summer to relax and also party here, see if you can spot any around you. The hint is when you see people taking selfies with someone, pretty standard.

Sopot gave me a perfect summer day with temperatures my body actually appreciates (no more than 25 degrees thank you very much), perfect amount of sun, great food, a spa treat and mostly a lucky escape from exploration. What are you waiting for then? Go, get lucky in Sopot!

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