Cijevna Waterfalls & Podgorica 

by Ucman Scher
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Drive to Podgorica

So my friend did some online research and discovered the ‘Niagara falls’ of Montenegro and it looked beautiful so we decided to pay a visit since it’s 4 km from the airport on the way back. The drive to Podgorica was stunning and sad both because we were saying goodbye to Budva and Kotor and we fell in love with this beautiful country in 5 days badly and madly…

It took us an hour and a bit to get to Podgorica, which is the capital and the biggest city in Montenegro but honestly, the only interaction we had was going into the city centre to get some food and fuel to continue our journey, not a lot to see….

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Cejivne Waterfalls

It is a little hard to find and you have to check for Niagara Restaurant and finally, when we parked our car we were still confused if we had arrived at the right place because there was no sign of any activity or any sound of water. After looking around a bit we climbed down some stairs to reach the restaurant and saw this beautiful Cejivna river absolutely tranquil and still; the mystery intensified. We walked on till the end where water dried up and the restaurant was serving customers and customers serving ducks and geese and asked around. We were only 2 weeks late and the water died up for the waterfall, pffff!

We hopped on the other side to see the dried waterfall which was quite beautiful and then played with the ducks and had some tea to relieve the disappointment. it was still a very pretty site…

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Montenegro only has 2 airports; one in Montenegro and the other one in Podgorica. We arrived and left by Podgorica. It is a small airport which can get very crowded so arrive early folks. Also, bring some food and drinks with you because the coffee and a few packaged snacks were absolutely dismal.

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